4 More Gifts For Commercial Fishermen!

The POCFs have spoken! After posting this gift guide last week, a couple of our private Facebook group members commented on a few items they love for their commercial fisherman, so I added them here. (And if you think of any products we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments below!)

Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt
100% cotton and made in the U.S.A.
We're a fan of wool, but cotton is still king. The cut on these Carhartt T's runs big, which means there more room to work. Great for peeps with necks on the larger side and big guns to go with it. Chris has worn his Carhartt T-shirt for years and it's still going strong.
I'll take it!
Atlas Triple-Dipped Gloves
A must have on the boat.
From what I understand, these are a MUST for fishing. Chris has a bunch of them he uses in Alaska and lobster fishing in CA. Some prefer to wear with liners for extra warmth, but others say it limits the dexterity. I say, get a pair of gloves to see what your fisherman thinks and go from there.
Bag it!
Gore-TEX Fishing Beanie
w/ Windstopper Technology
This makes total sense when it comes to staying warm out there. A beanie on the thin side that will fit under hoods and hats. If they get hot, it folds down nicely to fit in a pocket. Boom!
Get me one!
Electric blanket
Like a warm snuggle from you!
I never thought of this before, but it makes sense! I linked the brown color because it hides stains better. It has an extra long 19 foot power cord and a 3 yr warranty. I'd get the twin size to fit in those small bunks.
Yes, please!
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