6 Gifts Commercial Fishermen Need Now

Let’s get right to it: Shopping for a commercial fisherman can be rough. But after a lot of research & wear-and-tear from many days at sea, here are the top 6 gifts that any commercial fisherman would love to make your life easier! (I added 4 more gifts to the list, which you can check out here!)

What other products does your fisherman like? Please share in the comments below!

Dope Hoodie
Made by Commercial Fishermen!
Just learned of this brand from our private Partners of Commercial Fishermen FB group. And the best part of this company – besides this sick skull design on this hoodie – is that the company is run by commercial fishermen! They have 5 different print designs for tops that range from tanks, long sleeves, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Pop over to their website to pick your favorite. Not only can we eat wild-caught seafood to support American fishermen, we can also wear our support, too!
Have to!
Darn tough hiking socks that peek above boot line with mountainscape
Darn Tough Socks
The best of the best.
Literally, the only socks that hold up. (If you know of another company that wears this good, please let me know!) Darn Tough's are comfortable, warm, and have a lifetime warranty for around $20. Really! You can actually send your clean, worn socks to the company with a note on the "injury" and they will darn them for you. Best twenty bucks you'll ever spend.
Want and need!
bee magic healing balm from amazon
Bee Magic All in One Healing Skin Cream
Chris legit swears by this stuff, and as we pass from the humid East Coast to dry California each year, I relay on Bee Magic to hydrate the F outta my face. I use all the oils and tinctures, but this balm is has great staying power or boost to your moisturizing routine.
Put in my bag!
Wooly tshirt for men in a burnt orange color
Wool T-shirts
Warm even when wet!
Wool shirts are great for two main reasons: 1) it's anti-microbial, which just like the Darn Tough socks, it's less smelly through several wears before a wash. 2) wool stays warm even when wet. It's also breathable and lightweight. The only thing is that, according to Chris, they wear out faster than cotton. But honestly, he's worn the heck out of his wool shirts FOR YEARS and they're still kickin' while his cotton shirts get holes in the armpits after a few months. I'll still buy him wool and recommend you try them, too!
I'll take one!
Stainless Food Containers
Air and water tight!
Chris was adamant about getting new containers that would last and I didn't really see what the big deal was. The plastic ones were...ok. Why spend the dough? Then, he bought these stainless steel food containers, and I'm probably a bigger fan than him at this point. I love them because they are air and watertight, won't crush under pressure, and they come in a bunch of sizes that stack inside each other like wooden Russian dolls. (We live in an airstream, so I'm all about  We take these camping, I use these in the house...plus they're better on the environment than plastic that eventually gets gross and you have to toss.
Gettin' this!
Bama Sokkets Thermal Insulated Boot Socks
Must Have!
Since we're on the subject of feet, Bama Sokkets are *essential* to keep feet warm by pulling away sweat. Sounds gross, but they really work! I love them because they also make big 'ole XTRATUFs fit more snuggly, which makes them easier to work in which makes your partner's life on the high seas that much more enjoyable. As we've learned, every inch of comfort helps!
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