2 Successful Freelance Pitch Examples


Q: I’ve given advice on how to pitch to certain publications, but what is a pitch anyway?

A: A pitch is a short email that tells a little about you or your product to get editors to notice and put you in print. You’ve heard the term “elevator pitch” before? It’s like that only in email form with photos or website links. 

To give you a visual, here are my last two pitches that were accepted to Vie Magazine. (Stay tuned to see them in their pages later this year!) The editor and I have previously worked together, which is why it reads so friendly and familiar.

If it’s your first time pitching, be friendly yet professional to build a relationship. You don’t want to come off as a robot or too “extra” like you’re trying to be their best friend when you’ve never communicated before. Walk that line between!


2 Successful Freelance Pitch Examples

Hey (insert editors name)!

Congrats on getting the March issue to print! Can’t wait to see it. I’m delivering a copy of the Women in Weed piece to Autumn Brands cannabis farm this week and hoping for a sweet photo session for the ‘gram. 
On that note, I’m checking if any of the pitches below would work for the Spring/Summer issues. I guess you could say I’m excited to get started.
A. Behind Commercial Fishing in America, featuring photos by Bri Dwyer
A story about the men and women behind your seafood. The industry behind a gourmet lobster or salmon dinner is a long departure from white linens and fine wines consumers are used to. It would be an incredible way to show that there’s a face behind each catch with families and lives just like ours; people who work sleep-deprived for the opportunity to make six-figures or none at all. Bri Dwyer Photography
B. Vintage Couture with Loveworn in Santa Barbara, CA
One could say that “fast fashion” is diluting the market with cheaply made clothing that doesn’t last. But here in Santa Barbara, Loveworn is taking vintage clothing to the next level. Co-owned by a local pop artist Wallace Piat and his creative partner, Jill Johnson the team uses luxurious cashmere sweaters, repurposed Levis denim and blazers, and other true vintage gems and elevates them to wearable art. Through Wallace’s technique as a pop artist, adding studs, vintage patches and cut-outs from vintage t-shirts among other embellishments, Loveworn makes a classic piece more modern and rock ’n roll. People from LA flood the shop for the Loveworn aesthetic. I particularly love how they post videos of their production; very transparent and confident every stitch and stroke! The website is a work in progress but their Instagram is lively and shop-able, too: https://www.instagram.com/lovewornsb/
As always, thanks for “listening.” I hope you’re having a great week and look forward to working with you again!
You can also embed pictures into the emails but DO NOT type your pitch in a Word Document and attach to the email. Editors get tons of mail every day and the last thing they want to do is open a Word or PDF. Keep it all in the body of the email to save everyone’s time and to stay on their good side. 👍🏽
Is this helpful? Are there other questions you have? I’d love to assist you, please let me know in the comments below!

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