The Day I Met Jason

I was in the zone, tapping my laptop keys not nearly as fast as my mind was racing when I heard someone enter the doors of the Sentinel headquarters, an independent paper in Santa Barbara, CA where I worked as an editor and writer.

Muffled voices in the front room were nothing new.

People come by all the time. But my ears piqued when I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

And You Are?

Before I knew it, a male’s voice rose from behind.

“Are you Elizabeth?” I turn around to find a strikingly handsome man standing in my office doorway.

I feel my eyes widen for second as I stand up to greet him.

“Why, yes. I’m Elizabeth.” Hell yes, I am Elizabeth! I’m whoever you want me to be! 

He came by to see his friend/my co-worker who he has known since pre-school days (how cute), but since his friend/my co-worker was running an errand, he was wasting a little time until his return.

Waste all the time you want. Is that door frame you’re leaning on comfortable?

I tried to pay attention to our conversation, but I was too busy enjoying the view in front of me to make sense of the words coming out of his mouth. 

All I gained from the conversation was his name: Jason.

After a nice chat (how much can you really talk about in a quiet office?), he leaves to wait outside.

I tried to get my focus back on the article, but all I could think was finding a way for us to connect again.

I couldn’t let it go that easily. But he had left, and I wasn’t going to run after him (I had a deadline, after all).

Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Five minutes later, his friend/my co-worker comes back to the office to say he’s leaving for the rest of the day to hang with Jason, who he hadn’t seen in years.

“Okay. Well, have fun with your supercute friend!” I say.

“You should ask him out. He would totally say yes,” he said.

“But he’s leaving tomorrow, so…”

He turns and makes his way to leave.

“Well, thanks for the green light anyway!,” I yell after him.

Okay, where was I…

When In Doubt, Ask Him Out

I make final edits to the article and pack up, doing my best to let go of the missed opportunity in the process.

As I leave the office, I take one last look around outside and I get in my car.

No hottie in sight. 

I shrug my shoulders and buckle up. 

I start the engine and put my car in drive.

But as I pull out of the parking lot, I see two figures walking my way.

It’s him! 

I roll down my window to say one last goodbye:

Me: “Hi, again! It was so nice to meet you.”

Him: “It was great to meet you, too.”

“I hear you’re leaving tomorrow?”

“No, actually I’ll be here for several more days.”


“Really? So, would you like to go to lunch sometime before you leave?”


“Great! I’ll get your number and give you a shout.”

“Sounds perfect.”

“Alright then. Talk to you soon.”

I give my best flirty-yet-casual wave and drive home. 

I was pretty proud of how smooth I was, asking him out (but I admit, having been given the go-ahead earlier helped a lot.)

It couldn’t have turned out any better.

I was having lunch with a hot guy who seemed super-genuine.

Better yet, he’d fly home in a few days.

No pressure.

Little did I know, it wasn’t going to be that easy…

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