New EP of MOON DIVER – Free For You!

(Photo by Leela Cyd)

Here’s a new EP just for you.

Finally. A new band that is so good it’s hard to believe they’ve been playing together for only two years. 

A mix of Radiohead, Beck, R.E.M. and a dash of The B-52’s, I’ve had Mood Diver playing in the background for the last few days and I’m so psyched to add more songs to the playlist.

Luckily, you can make Moon Diver the soundtrack to your day, too!

They just dropped their new EP Laze this morning and you get to listen all you want: 

Listen to LAZE:

If you missed it, check out the interview to learn more about your new favorite band

Interview with: Moon Diver 

See Moon Diver live – For their first show ever – this Thursday, July, 26th at Sama Sama Kitchen in Santa Barbara, California.

Cool band. Cool venue. You can’t lose. 

And while you’re getting ready for the big night (or if you can’t make it to the show) here’s more Moon Diver tunes to jam to:

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