10 Seasickness Remedies To Bring on a Fishing Boat 🌊



Yes, I get seasick. Bleh.

When Chris and I cruised on our 34-foot sailboat from Washington to Mexico over two years, I suffered through nausea for about 50% of it. And no, I didn’t use over-the-counter medicines. My nausea only lasted a few hours, and since we sailed for a few days or nights at a time, I forced myself through it. I was afraid I’d get sleepy with Dramamine, not realizing there were other meds I could try, plus the saltiest sailors and fishermen I spoke with say to “puke and get over over it.” That’s great, but I just kinda hovered around nausea and, luckily, not over “the head” (boat word for toilet). I needed a fix.

So what do you do for a day on the commercial fishing boat? You load up on homeopathic shiz and/or go to the pharmacy like a “normal” person.🤪  The first time I went on Chris’s lobster boat for the day, there was no time to waste. I gave in and took a combination of anti-nausea and packed my favorite snacks to combat the sudden “stomach awareness” that may arise.

And by God, it freakin’ worked! I was taking pictures, reading, and watching Netflix shows on the ride back. It was a game-changer, and I can’t believe I suffered all those years. So my advice is, don’t be like me. Enjoy the fleeting moments on a fishing boat with your Honey and do* what works for you. Because who knows the next time you’ll go out again? Carpe that Diem, girl!

(*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I’m just sharing what’s worked for me, so please use caution or talk to your health care provider before you proceed. You’re special, and we want you to be ok. Thanks for understanding.😄 **Also, I’ve added affiliate links to the products below. That means, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for reading!)


Top 10 Seasickness Remedies to Bring on a Fishing Boat

  • Sparkling water. I don’t know if it’s the bubbles, but for some reason, it works. My favorites are by Waterloo and, you guessed it, Trader Joe’s. They have a ginger lemon and cranberry lime flavor that’s the BOMB. But Topo Chico is super bubbly and has a little sodium to help your body absorb the water. Upgrade with a squeeze of fresh lime that you’ve pre-sliced and packed in a container.
  • Chips. Salty and/or kettle cooked. I thought I would prefer to stay away from salt since we’re surrounded by saltwater, but I think this only ups the craving.
  • Ramen noodles. We buy the pack of 10 organic ramen, which you can find at most stores, including Costco. Again, the salt factor. Plus, the liquid and the starchy noodles for sustenance. Add veggies for an upgrade!
  • Saltine Crackers. I love the water crackers from TJ’s, but Annie’s Homegrown or classic saltines also reign supreme.
  • Peppermint oil. This may be a placebo, but the smell of a spicy peppermint really cuts the urge the vom. Plus, it detracts from the smell of seafood and fuel exhaust that could take your nausea to the next level. So I say it’s a win.
  • Fresh ginger. Cut off a cube from a ginger root and chew like a cow with cud. Raw ginger is spicy AF, which some people like, but others may enjoy because it takes the mind off the stomach. Embrace the burn! If you need something more gentle, I like these yummy ginger tablets.
  • Get Out of the Sun. You never know when you’ll be trapped under the sun, so bring a hat. But I recommend a full brim with a chin strap, so it doesn’t go flying when the wind catches you. Caution if you want to bring a cute hat for pictures. There’s a good chance it will get dirty or crushed, but this one is actually pretty cute and can be worn many ways. Make it your own!
  • Fresh Air. This can be hard to do if you’re feeling yuck and all you want to do is lay in the cabin, but sitting (or leaning) while breathing the fresh air will help you to the next stage of recovery. (Note: make sure you’re upwind from the engine exhaust.)
  • Stare at the horizon. When Chris mentioned this to me, I rolled my eyes because how in the hell can something as easy as staring at the horizon actually help? I have mixed reviews with this one. I’m not sure if it helps, or it’s everything else that I’m doing. Regardless, if it takes away nausea, stare away!
  • Lay the F down. I love this one for obvious reasons, though people say it makes things worse. If it gets to that point, laying down with your eyes closed may be the only way. Try to be outside if you can, or if you need to go in, make sure you’re away from the engine room. Heat plus fumes…whoa, the thought of those alone makes me queasy. 🤢



Meclizine and Ginger Pills

I actually found some that didn’t make me drowsy all day! I took one pill of off-brand Meclizine and one tablet of Bonine 100% Ginger. I swallowed both on the way to the harbor, about a 30-minute drive, and I felt great all day. I was definitely sleepy around 7 pm, but considering we were up and out at 5 am and enjoyed a full day without getting queasy, it was worth it to me. They are also easy to digest. Here are photos of what the tablets look like:

I took 25mg of pharmacy-brand Meclizine HCL…
…and one Bonine 100% ginger pill
Here one out of a hundred photos (ok, selfies) I took that day thanks to these trusty seasickness remedies. I hope they work for you, too!

May these tips give you many wonderful days at sea – thanks for reading! Is there something I forgot to mention? What trick works best for you? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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