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The email below is why I love this blog.

The absolute BEST part of writing about my experience as a partner of a commercial fisherman has been connecting with other like-minded women around the world. It’s incredible to know we share the same concerns, frustrations, fears, and joys when it comes to small-but-might lives we live as partners orbiting the commercial fishing industry.

It can be lonely to be with someone in the commercial fishing industry. Especially when your loved one leaves for months at a time or you are in a community where other Partners of Commercial Fishermen or (PCFs) are not easy to find.

Now, I’m bringing the tribe to you.

I was encouraged by another reader (who’s email I’ll post next week!) about starting a private group for us to connect and chat in real-time. What a brilliant idea!

Now we have a safe space to share stories, vent, share recipes, and laugh with other PCFs to feel less alone.

Including Lydia, who inspired last week’s post and whose sweet and funny email I posted below. Her endearing personality and open heart is what I hope we’ll curate together in this private Facebook group.

This is a brand new adventure; the first anyone’s ever heard of this group will be when I publish this post.

So, you ready? Can’t wait to have you! Click on the link below and let’s get this party started! But don’t forget to come back and learn more about our new friend Lydia. She’s a perfect introduction to the company I hope we’ll keep.



Without further ado, meet Lydia:

Hello Megan,
My name is Lydia Dirks. I’m Unangax which is often recognized as ‘Aleut’. Unangan people are indigenous to the Aleutian Islands. I grew up in Unalaska, the port of Dutch Harbor. Dutch Harbor is the #1 fishing port in the U.S.

The other day I googled ‘gifts to get commercial fishermen’ out of pure curiosity. I was running out of creativity for my gifts to my boyfriend and family members. I wasn’t expecting to find anything in particular but luckily I found your blog and I absolutely love it! I’ve been sharing it with my friends and family that are also in relationships with commercial fishermen.

My boyfriend, Alex, has been fishing since he was 18 years old. This year marks his 10 year anniversary with the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay. I can’t believe they’ve been married for 10 years already!

I’m just his little side hoe😂.

My brother, Nick McGlashan, is the deck boss on F/V Summer Bay. Some may argue that he’s one of the most elite fishermen. He’s been commercial fishing since he was 13 years old, so, about 20 years now. My two other brothers are also fishermen. Adrian, 12 years, and Michael, 10 years. I won’t get into too much detail about my Uncles, Aunties, and Cousins who run their own boats.

I can’t help but feel envious of my boyfriend and family members when they come home from months of fishing.

They talk about the roller coasters of rough waters they rode and the raw beauty of the Bering Sea. They show me fascinating pictures of the sea creatures they pulled up on their line and pots they found thousands of feet deep in the Bering Sea.

I’ve been around the industry my whole entire life.

Fishermen and women are some of my favorite people to meet because they are such interesting characters that come from all over the world. Despite the diversity, they all speak the same language- fish.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some things about myself because I think your blogs are lovely and too accurate! You took exactly what I’ve been thinking and put it into words. I’m excited to see what you write next and I will continue to share with others. 

Are you dating, engaged, married, or related to a commercial fisherman? We’d love to know more about you! Please comment below or join our awesome secret Facebook group here!

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