Letter Q&A: How Do You Fill Free Time When Your Fisherman is Gone?

Writer and partner of a commercial fisherman Megan Waldrep taking a selfie on a fishing boat

Letter Q&A: How Do You Fill Free Time When Your Fisherman is Gone?
Photo by Bri Dwyer taken on Chris’ lobster boat near Santa Cruz Island, CA.

Hi Megan!

I am going to be honest, I have started this email seven times, and I can’t get past the first few lines. I’m sure you, as a fellow writer, fully understand the irony of this. I just get so emotionally invested that it stops the words!!! AHHHH!!!

Starting at the beginning, hi, hello, how are you??? I’m a 22 y/o writer and editor for a small tech startup, born and raised in the PNW, and this is my first year as a POCF. My boyfriend left port yesterday for his fifth commercial salmon season. He’s fishing pollock immediately after and isn’t due home until early-mid November. Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet, but I feel very at peace with our situation, largely due to all the research I did before he left ;). But actually, I think that reading your blog helped me prepare for all these feelings, and I am happy to report that I FEEL GREAT!!!

I assume your inbox is flooded this time of year with lots of people seeking relationship advice, so hopefully, this email is a welcome departure. I am actually writing with a few career questions! I don’t know anyone in my day-to-day life who is also a writer by trade, let alone any other POCF writers. (more…)

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How to Stay Organized for a Fishing Season + Free Calendar

I will admit that it’s challenging not to get involved in my fisherman’s business. I love organizing, planning, researching, and all that type-A stuff. On top of that, I’m a writer, so I’m unconsciously looking for ways to postpone deadlines. It turns out that focusing on someone else’s shiz is an excellent/terrible way to do it.

Chris admits that I can be a little overbearing regarding “to-do” lists (he’s not wrong), so a calendar has been a helpful way to keep Chris moving without getting in the way. After dinner, we usually sit down and discuss what tasks are left; then, I write them out per day and week. Here’s a free calendar to get you started!

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Adults Only: My Story of Cloning “Down There” & Why I Did it

T.M.I. Alert: Explaining the Clone-A-Pussy was a conversation I never thought I’d have with my mother. Although I’m a columnist who has written about sex, dating, and relationships for almost a decade, my mom “just can’t” when it comes to my stories. 

I mean, I get it. 

I’m her daughter, whom she taught to keep private about her privates. Mom’s response to my Clone-A-Willy story with a step-by-step Reel for replicating your partner’s penis? “For the love of Pete!” which loosely translates to, “You gotta be fucking kidding me.” And that was just the beginning…

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