Meet Megan.

Professionally, I’m a columnist and freelance writer.

I live bicoastal (between Wilmington, North Carolina, and Santa Barbara, California), so you can usually find me writing in coffee shops on either coast.

Or in cafes in Mexico.

Let me explain.

Get a load of this…

My sweetheart, Chris Dabney (otherwise known as “Jason” in the I Heart stories) and I live in a 34-foot sailboat named, Astrologer.

In August 2017, we sailed Astrologer from Bellingham, WA all the way down to Baja Mexico and into the Sea of Cortez.

After seven months of #boatlife, Astrologer was dry docked in San Carlos, Mexico. Chris flew to the cold waters of Alaska to commercial fish salmon for the summer and I left for the sunny East Coast, traveling between Wilmington, NC, and Charleston, SC on the regular to see family and friends. #dirtysouthrepresent

We returned to Astrologer in January and have been sailing the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico ever since. 

We plan to dry dock the boat in April 2019 and I’ve already cried about it. 

Career Stats

In 2013-2016, I lived in the beach town of Carpinteria, California and became a freelance writer and regular columnist for The Santa Barbara Sentinel.

Two years later, I became an editor.

How I Heart was born

After a year of writing on fashion, local businesses, artists, restaurant reviews, live music, locals sports (you get the idea), a friend had a thought one night after hearing another one of my awkward dating stories.

“You should write about these in the paper,” she said. “A sort-of, Sex & the City meets Santa Barbara!”

I was right in the middle of a major heartbreak that had me licking my wounds. But I figured, what better than a deadline to push me into the dating world again.

So I pitched the idea and the publisher gave me the green light:

A column called I Heart was born and so was my pen name, Elizabeth Rose.

{It’s a combo of my middle name and my sister’s middle name. I chose to write under a pen name to protect the “innocent”.}

But writing as Elizabeth Rose allowed me to be pretty fearless in a way I wasn’t at the time.

My mantra became, “What Would Elizabeth Rose Do?”

I dated men of all ages and races then shared the experiences, along with my inhibitions, on the page.

This worked for and against me – but it made for good stories. 

Follow the adventures of Elizabeth Rose here!

Side Gigs/Past Lives

I’ve worked on fashion photo shoots, wearing the hats of a creative director, stylist, and producer. 

In my past life (also known as my twenties), I owned a small-production, fashion design business in the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Oh, and I co-authored a children’s book: Spice & Little Sugar.

What I’m Doing Now

You can usually find me…

Wandering for inspiration, writing, or reading authors I want to be like when I grow up. 

Imitating dance moves from 90’s Hip Hop videos on YouTube.

Or trying to create a cute outfit from my suitcases, which are always packed. #travelingwriterpreneur

What people are saying about I Heart:

“I have been following your column ever since I moved back to Santa Barbara from Seattle just about 8 months ago. I swear. We are the same person. I tore your article out of the paper and demanded that my boyfriend read it in shock that I wasn’t the one who wrote it!” – Kate, Santa Barbara, CA

“I must admit, I’ve become smitten with your column. It’s been the only reason I pick up the paper. Your past columns that I have read are funny, real, honest, sincere and in so instances relatable, even though we are of the opposite sex. This is totally new territory for me, writing a “fan” letter but I really look forward to the next issue and your latest insights.” – Don, Santa Barbara, CA

“Dear Elizabeth, I always enjoy your column…but the one I just read really touched me. Thank you for this & the reminder to cherish the “fleeting moments” we often take for granted.” – Darlene, Santa Barbara, CA

“I’ve been reading your column with fascination because it’s unlike any other column I’ve come across in a newspaper. Your tales of love, travel, despair, hope, and the ups and downs of a partnership are quite unique!” – Greg, Santa Barbara, CA

“I enjoy reading your column! Although I’m not your age (I’m in my 50’s), I grew up in Santa Barbara and see echoes of my younger self in you…” – Sara, Santa Barbara, CA

“So well said. I love this so very much. Please keep writing the – world needs your words!”     – Summer, Summerville, SC

“I enjoy your writing about affairs of the heart and dating. Keep up the good writing.”              – Robert, Santa Barbara, CA

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