About Megan


Hi, I’m Megan, and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a writer who loves sharing stories about being a partner of a commercial fisherman that you’ll find entertaining, relatable, and will make you feel less alone!

My fiancé, Chris, is a commercial lobster and salmon fisherman, and I was so lost when we started dating. Season after season, feelings about the new lifestyle bubbled up – some good, most bad – and without anyone to relate to, I turned to my blog and wrote 9 Things to Know When Dating a Commercial Fisherman. I was so surprised by the response that I thought, Thank God there are others out there who understand the joys and trials of what POCFs go through! Here are a collection of stories to show you how hard and rewarding it can be! (And if you’re a partner of a commercial fisherman, please join our private FB club here!)

Professionally, I’m a freelance writer. I started writing in 2012 when I realized my favorite part of fashion designing (I’m an ex-designer) was writing the captions for my online store. Wanting a change, I moved from Charleston, SC, to Carpinteria, CA, and pitched to a local publication who gave me a chance. I now write 3 columns, features in newspapers and magazines (both local and national), and write under the pen name Elizabeth Rose for my column, I Heart. (Chris is known as “Jason” in I Heart stories.) You can view categories of content at the top of this page under “Writing.” For a quick preview of some of the posts you’ll see, you can check out Last Dance with Mary Jane, interviews with authors on the writing process, along with The Good Fight about the biggest argument Chris and I ever had re: my writing career. It’s legit.

Born in Lawton, Oklahoma, and raised in Charleston, I lived around the world as a military brat until the age of 18, which means defining a hometown is not so easy. Chris and I moved back to California after living in a 34-foot sailboat for 3 years and now live in a 1970s Airstream. Yeah – tiny living indeed!

Our dream is to live bi-coastal in California and Carolina. We’ve got a slightly built-out Sprinter Van to get us from coast to coast, so stay tuned for adventures on the open road! *Update: COVID-19 means we’re goin’ nowhere. Not stoked.

For more information on my freelance work, click here. And of course, I’d love to connect with you on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you for following along – I hope you’ll stay a while! Sincerely, Megan