The Emergency Kit You Didn’t Know You Need Aboard w/ Project Gabe Ep. 38

denise damewood of project gabe opioid emergency kit

Overall wellness comes in many forms, and being prepared for an opioid overdose can help save a life and protect everyone on board! Denise Damewood is a public health nurse in Sitka and created Project Gabe in honor of her stepson, Gabe Johnston, who passed away from an opioid overdose in January 2022. Project Gabe is a resource for harm reduction that provides opioid misuse awareness, education, and recovery tools.

In this episode, Denise provides information on the use and limitations of opioid reversal medications, the importance of fentanyl testing strips, and the implementation of Naloxone emergency boxes across Alaska. Linkage to care in resources below!

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Black Fishermen are the Cornerstone of America’s Commercial Industry – But Where Are They Now?

As hard as it may be to grasp, there is no doubt that the American commercial fishing industry is rooted in slavery. Imani Black, founder of Minorities in Aquaculture, recently hosted a compelling interview with two remaining Black boat captains on the Chesapeake Bay. Let’s Dive In!

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How-To Instantly Find Calm & Protect Your Energy with Breathwork Facilitator Brenda Winkle Ep. 36

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