Prayers for Commercial Fishermen 🙏


Strangely, it’s hard to find good prayers out there for commercial fishermen. Sure, there are gimmicky ones for sport fishermen, but none that truly capture the please-help-us-God-thank-you-so-much vibe that I was looking for. So, this is generally what I say when I start to worry:

“God, thank you for a safe and prosperous passage for Chris and for giving me faith with what I cannot control. Amen.”

And when I’m in a rush:

“Please, God. Don’t let him die. Thank you. Amen.”


Finally, I found two prayers that work! Judge Bob Moon wrote the first for Deadliest Catch’s F/V Northwestern. It’s pretty awesome, one that deserves to be printed out. (Switch out the names when praying; I’m sure Bob won’t mind.😄) The second one is for our fishermen to recite.

I also included an image I took of a fisherman’s altar of the Virgin Mary in Mulege, Mexico, near the mouth of the river. The last image is the coolest pulpit I’ve ever seen located in the Coronation of Mary Church Traunkirchen, Austria. It depicts “miraculous catch of fish” in Luke, chapter 5 (one of my favorite Bible stories).

Prayer of the Northwestern by Judge Bob Moon


Commercial Fisherman’s Prayer by Kathryn Birren


A fisherman’s altar in Mulege, Mexico


Pulpit at the Coronation of Mary Church Traunkirchen, Austria

Found on


I love blending Eastern and Western philosophy, so I searched around to see how they do it in Asia. It turns out there is a Buddhist deity named Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea and the patron “saint” of seafarers. She goes by different names, depending on the country. One legend says that she used her spiritual powers (possibly in a trance or while dreaming) to save her father and brothers when caught in a typhoon. A slightly different version of the story is here. There are many temples dedicated to her, even large festivals in her name. The first image is of Tin Hau, and the second I found on Sharon’s Iconic Travel Photography Blog. The last photo is “the Fishermen’s Buddha and that the women there were praying for the safe return of their husbands and a good catch.”





No matter your spiritual background, I pray that your loved ones have a very safe and prosperous season! On top of that, I pray for peace in your heart as you continue to be the strong POCF you are. And if you’re ever feeling doubtful or lonely, please remember that a group of Partners of Commercial Fishermen are here for you! Hop on our private FB group – we’re only a few clicks away! 💗 🐟

How do you handle it when your fisherman is at sea? Is there a prayer or ritual, or thought process you use to make it through? Please let us know in the comments below!

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SAGE: Help Women & Environ. w/ Seafood? Read This!

Just as S.T.E.M. industries are seeking more women, so is the seafood industry. More specifically, Julie Kuchepatov, founder of the Seafood and Gender Equality organization, better known as SAGE. Julie’s career has always centered around sustainability, and since the start of the pandemic, she’s brought gender equality into the mix. That’s where SAGE comes in. Although this org. is a baby at just 3 months old, Julie’s resume in seafood sustainability is waaaaaaay longer than that, as you’ll soon see. But just to give you an idea,  she helped run a thriving Atlantic salmon sport fishing lodge in the Russian Arctic for 13 years, and while working with Fair Trade USA, “Julie built a seafood program that impacted thousands of seafood producers and workers in Latin America, SE Asia, East Africa, and the United States and became a globally recognized solution to empower seafood workers, ensure workplace safety, and improve environmental sustainability.” Legit, y’all!

Let me quit talking and introduce her to you. Without further ado, Meet Julie Kuchepatov!

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9 US Wild-Caught Seafood Items at Trader Joes!

Dude, we can totally support American commercial fishermen by shopping at Trader Joe’s! And I’ve got pictures and a few recipe ideas to prove it. Can I get a hell yeah?! Whoop whoop!

Admittedly, checking packages for U.S. Wild-Caught seafood has only been in my consciousness since Chris and I started dating. Even though I’ve mainly lived in coastal towns, where it’s easy to shop at the local seafood markets, I never read the packages in a grocery store. My b! Plus, what if you live in the mountains or in a beautiful land-locked state and want to support U.S. commercial fishermen? Girl, I got you! Well, Trader Joes’s has you, but you know what I mean. 🙂

*Quick refresh: Many commercial fishermen fish for seafood processors. The processors buy fish from the fishermen (like sockeye salmon from fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska), then package and distribute to numerous retailers nationwide. Those retailers then slap on a private label to make it look pretty to bring to market, and TJ’s happens to be one that sells you.

Below are what I found on my last Trader’s hunt. There may have been a few I missed (I’m now wondering if there’s a few hanging in the pasta and pre-made meal section?), but these seem to be items you’ll find on the regular. Sweet.

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