16 Yr. Old Cody Pratt on What It Means to be a 4th Generation Commercial Fisherman

Cody Pratt Commercial Fisherman

I was super impressed by Cody even before our interview. After searching his Instagram account @easytigerfishing, I was blown away by not only his passion for this career but also how he handles comments from those who may have a negative attitude towards fishermen. I definitely took notes!

In this episode, we learn:

  • Cody’s beginnings in commercial fishing, how he balances school and fishing, and what his peers think of his occupation.
  • The lessons he’s learned from his grandfather on how to be a successful fisherman.
  • His opinion on “Graying of the Fleeting” and his thoughts on the future of commercial fishing.

You can link with Cody on Instagram at @easytigerfishing or email him directly at cody62107@gmail.com.

Check out the latest episode of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Podcast!

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Story Time: What Does a Hometown Mean to You?

Today, I read my essay on being a Military Brat, one of the main inspirations for starting the Partners of Commercial Fishermen community. I want to give partners the same recognition, empowerment, and support that military spouses receive because we deserve it.

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Remember the Early Days When You Just Started Dating Your Fisherman?

Yep, this pic is of Chris and me back in 2016.

It was February, and he visited from Bellingham, Washington, to celebrate his birthday with me in Carpinteria, California. I arranged for a kayak tour at the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, not realizing three years later that we would live in this same town together – in an Airstream trailer – where he’d fish spiny lobsters along that same island chain.

We’re pictured in my bachelorette pad, “the Babe Cave,” I called it. 

My home was a converted two-car garage with a little private fenced yard just beyond the large picture window. Standing near the palm plant to my left, you could see the tops of the Santa Ynez Mountains. It was a dream. I was a freelance writer who (by the grace of God) figured out how to support myself by hustling the written word for various local newspapers and magazines. 

Meeting Chris at my desk in the newspaper office was the cherry on top.

That was an exciting time. Our love was new, and I had no idea what it meant to be with a commercial fisherman. Chris was months out from leaving for Bristol Bay, Alaska, and soon, I’d understand the challenges and sacrifices it would take to stay in this relationship and the deep soul-searching I’d go through to determine if it was worth it.

If you’re still reading, you probably know exactly what I mean.

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