3 Takeaways and 1 Big Mistake I Made at the Pacific Marine Expo

Three women at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle

3 Takeaways and 1 Big Mistake I Made at the Pacific Marine Expo

After seven years as a POCF, it took speaking on the National Fisherman’s panel to understand the stages of a POCF and the responsibilities that go with it. 

Actually, the Q & A at the end of our talk lit me up. Hearing the experiences of women and other POCFs proved our essential influence on the industry – from Greenhorns (newbies) to our saltiest sisters, Partners of Commercial Fishermen hold power, and here’s how. 

A conversation with commercial fisherman Paisley Wortman (below) revealed a new level of our impact. She explained that meeting others outside the industry has been her way of spreading awareness about wild-caught seafood. For example, as Paisley’s new friends in a bow-hunting group get to know her (because she’s that cool!), they feel more connected to commercial fishing and base purchasing decisions on that.

To them, Paisley means wild-caught seafood. Wild-caught means supporting a friend.  (more…)

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11 Must-Wear Items for a Commercial Fishing Boat When It’s Cold

I admit it: My number one first-world problem is finding waterproof and windproof clothes that are stylish. When we lived on a sailboat, it was an everyday challenge, and now that I only go out on the fishing boat a few times a season, it still is. Mainly because I want to snag great pics for y’all when I’m out there – shout out to my POCFs!

Below are items that are functional AF but give you room to make it your own. Bonus that you can wear the following on water or land, too! I wear a bathing suit with loose cotton pants and a button-up linen shirt to hide from the sun for warmer weather boating. (And I usually buy items like this at thrift or consignment stores so I won’t wig about getting it dirty – won’t cost much to replace!) Remember, the water is always colder, especially in the early morning and when the sun goes down, commercial fishing boats seem to take things up a notch. Don’t get caught stranded! Here’s a list and links to items that will upgrade your next experience on the water:

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A Cinderella Story for Partners of Commercial Fishermen

Can you remember when commercial fishing became more “real” for you? Was there a moment when you thought, “Um…I may need to think about getting into a relationship with a fisherman.”

That moment happened to me at the Seattle SEATAC airport in December 2015, and I wonder if a few POCFs can relate to this post.

Also, if you’re in Seattle on Thursday, November 17th, let’s meet up! Find me at the National Fisherman Member’s booth, where I’ll speak on a panel with three fellow writers, including POCF Bri Dwyer! I want o meet you in person to hug it out and say, “Yay, I get you! We get each other!”

Either way, I hope you enjoy this story. This is my first time sending a post on a Sunday, and the coziness of the day just feels right to spend it with my virtual family. Much love to all my POCF Cinderellas! Can’t wait to hear about your first experience with commercial fishing in the comments if you’re moved to share! xo

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