Fashion and Function: How to Look Cool & Stay Warm


Fashion and Function: How to Look Cool and Stay Warm

When Chris and I lived on a sailboat, one of the biggest challenges was learning to incorporate my personal style while out in the elements. Once a fashion designer, I had to whittle down my wardrobe to fit into two duffle bags. Not only that, the clothing had to be waterproof, able to get dirty, and not hinder me from climbing in and out and all around the boat. This experience turned out to be a great preview of being a fisherman’s wife full of trap yards, boatyards, and harbors, too. This…was a challenge. (more…)

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Letter: I Don’t Feel Strong All the Time

As one reader puts it, it can be easy to think that I have it together when you read my blog. But honestly, that’s just not the case. Here’s why:

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6 Tips for Reconnecting with Your Fisherman bc Sometimes it’s Weird

Sometimes, a reunion after a long season can be kind of awkward. (Ok, SUPER awkward.) Here are some tips on how to fix it.

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