RELATIONSHIP UPDATE from Aussie Dating a Fisher!

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My relationship advice for dating a fisherman is based on emails sent to me from fellow Partners of Commercial Fishermen around the world. Below is a follow-up letter from the previous blog, “Letter: Aussie Needs Advice on Dating an American Fisherman.” If you’d like to reach out, I’d love to hear from you! Please email me here

Hi Megan,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying time with your Chris. I read your blog about being “too independent,” and I loved your honesty and modesty. You’ve really taken your experiences and done a wonderful job at making them your creative outlet and supporting/inspiring others at the same time.

Unfortunately or perhaps, fortunately 🤔, my former Chris and I are no longer. I waited for him to return from sea and was present with him after news of his brothers’ passing. Very sad, he was a young 54. A few days later, Chris broke up with me due to my late sleep routine at the time, which came partly from stress-related issues and health. It actually got better when he was away at sea. It’s amazing how much I put up with his patterns and his coming and going at his pleasure, and he breaks up with me over something so lame. (more…)

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Letter: Aussie Needs Advice on Dating an American Fisherman

Hi Megan, I was so relieved to come across your website and read your story and tips for staying sane while my long-distance partner is working out at sea…

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How Depression, Addiction, + Pregnancy Loss Turned into Motherhood & a Family Seafood Business with Adra Kusnirova

Adra Kusnirova is a former partner of a commercial fishing processor and part owner of a direct marketing family seafood business called Alaska Fresh Salmon. In this episode, we go deeper than just talking about business. We discuss long-distance dating and the challenges of living in remote Alaska with her partner, the isolation and depression…

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