Diary of a POCF Chapter 1: The Goodbye

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Diary of a POCF is a limited series written in honor of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen preparing to send or have sent off their loved ones. First published in the summer of 2021, though very much relatable to this day.

Chapter 1: The Goodbye

I have a confession.

A few days after Chris and I got married, we slept in separate beds. And I know how that sounds, but the thing is, we kind of enjoyed it. We desperately needed rest due to our *major* house project that we (mainly Chris) have been working on in ninety-degree heat. We figured a night or two apart might do the trick. 

But while we renovate our 1912 Victorian bungalow – that hasn’t been touched since the last century – we are staying with my parents. And honestly, thank God! It’s been a dream to spend quality time with Mom, Dad, and Chris and come back to a clean house at the end of the day. Through days of sweaty work, this has kept us sane. 

There’s just one thing. (more…)

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Letter Q&A: How Do You Fill Free Time When Your Fisherman is Gone?

I’ve gotten asked this question a lot from Greenhorn (newbie) POCFs:
“How do you manage your work-life balance as a freelance employee? Specifically, when your partner is gone fishing…I feel like I have so much time now and don’t know how to fill it!”

If you’re a mom, you’re probably like, “What time?!”

But if you’re new to this lifestyle, your fisherman’s absence can be felt like a hole in the heart. Believe me, you’re not alone and we’ve all been there and continue to experience it in varying degrees and various stages of life.

Learning to fill extra time can be challenging and emotional. But soon enough, you’ll learn that time apart is the silver lining of being a POCF! Read this letter to see how it’s done.

How do you manage, or what advice would you give?

“I am going to be honest, I have started this email seven times, and I can’t get past the first few lines. I’m sure you, as a fellow writer, fully understand the irony of this. I just get so emotionally invested that it stops the words!!! AHHHH!!!

Starting at the beginning…”

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“My friends don’t get it”

Jumping into a conversation topic that you’ll find in our Private POCF Forum! I love that our community has a place to turn when seasons begin, end, or feel a little “eh.” We are here for y’all and can’t wait to connect!

“My friends just don’t quite get it.

They just say, “I don’t know why you do it.” I’m like, because I love him; what more reason do you need?!…

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