Ever wonder what happens behind the magical doors of the private group chat?


POCF chat

Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful text of real-time support, laughter, and sisterhood with like-minded women that’ll leave you feeling confident, validated, and less alone. When the seasons get tough, and you just want to connect with people who “get it,” we’re available to you right at your fingertips.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let me show you some amazing examples of what you can expect when joining our private chat!

[Since it’s a private chat, names are blurred, and conversations are limited in the examples below.]


⚓️ 👯‍♀️ Meet a POCF whose fisherman recently left for six months. This is what she had to say…

private chat for partners of Commercial fishermen

private chat for partners of Commercial fishermen


⚓️ 😆 And here’s part of a chat that only Partners of Commercial Fishermen can understand:


private chat for partners of Commercial fishermen

private chat for partners of Commercial fishermen


  • The best part is that we’re accessible no matter where you’re located in the world without additional charges to your phone or internet bill! Our chat can be used on Apple iPhones and Tablets, Android phones and tablets, PC computers, and Mac computers. 


  • You can remain anonymous if you prefer. I personally vet every person who signs up, so you can be assured that you’re connecting to Partners of Commercial Fishermen and no one else. 


  • Prices are set to increase, so this is the perfect time to lock in your membership now. So, if you want to use the app for a period of time and then come back later, we will honor your initial membership price. 


⚓✨ Here’s a link to join the Private Group Chat ✨⚓


📲 🫶 What POCFs are saying about the Private Group Chat:


“I prefer a text format because it is easier to use, readily accessible (I mean, everybody texts anyway, right?), and responses seem to come faster than other methods of communication.” 



The Private Group Chat is For You If:


  • YoPOCF chatu’re a Partner of a Commercial Fisherman or a partner of a seafood processor, and we have similar experiences!


  • You want real-time connection with other POCFs to expand your community, chat about the nuances of commercial fishing life, or ask questions about what’s important to you today.


  • You want emotional support and people you can lean on when your fisherman is gone for days, weeks, or months at a time. (Or, if you’d like support when they’re home in the off-season because that can be “a thing,” too!)


  • You don’t have friends or family who understand the nuances of this lifestyle and are looking to connect with people you don’t have to explain yourself to.


  • You have friends or family who do understand, but they tell you to “suck it up” or “you knew what you were getting into.”


  • You are a “greenhorn” (new) or seasoned POCF – we have people in our chat who are beginning a first season with their fisherman to their 30th season!


  • You want to remain anonymous. We totally understand, and you can change your name to whatever you want inside the Telegram app! 

This is not for you if:

  • Do not want immediate connection. 
  • You are looking for new monthly resources to uplevel your POCF experience [You can find that in our Private Forum Membership here!]  
  • You are not empathetic to others’ experiences.
  • You are a partner of a sports fisherman. We appreciate your interest, but being with a commercial fisherman is much different due to our daily livelihoods. Thanks for understanding!


⚓✨ Here’s a link to join the Private Group Chat ✨⚓


About Megan

Megan Waldrep Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Chris Dabney Partner of a Commercial Fisherman

Megan Waldrep is a writer and former journalist for over eleven years. In 2015, she met her fisherman, Chris Dabney, while an editor at a local paper in Santa Barbara, California. Five years later, she founded a *worldwide community*called the Partners of Commercial Fishermen and has spoken at conferences and on podcasts, representing the incredible people who are the backbone of the commercial fishing industry.

Megan and her fisherman have dated long-distance through month-long seasons and “day fisheries” when only he’s gone during the day or overnight. He’s worked as a deckhand and captain, and she’s learned the nuances of what it’s like to support him AND herself through both while acquiring new wisdom from POCFs in the community.

Her passion is to connect Partners of Commercial Fishermen worldwide through supportive online private communities, weekly podcasts, a weekly lifestyle blog, helpful resources, weekly newsletters, and daily heart and humor on Instagram to make them feel less alone. 


So what do you say, POCF?

Are you in for true connections with women who will become your crew, your cheerleaders, your “omg-I-thought-it-was-just-me!” support system?

Join us to become a part of a special group of people who will help you on your journey as a Partner of a Commercial Fisherman! 


⚓✨ Here’s a link to join the Private Group Chat ✨⚓


I’m excited to help support you in our fun and meaningful private chat—we’d love to have you join us!

With Love & POCF Pride,