3 Ways to Connect & Be Heard in the Commercial Fishing Community

Our podcast has become one of the greatest joys in my life because it allows you to hear stories from your community from their actual voices. The passion, the humor, and incredible accents that we’ve heard from around the world are reminders that we are women, and we are f*cking amazing and important!

I am so thrilled to help curate the oral history of what it’s like for modern partners of commercial fishermen and how incredibly diverse and powerful we are. Thank you for sharing your experiences with our community and me! The love and support we have for each other is so special…considering many of us have not met in person. 

It shows that the bond of Partner of Commercial Fishermen knows no borders or state lines. We are connected through a sisterhood just by being us. How beautiful is that?

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a recent episode that 3 amazing opportunities to shine in this industry and get the support needed to gain more freedom and fun in our lifestyle on Apple and Spotify:




Consider this an open call for guests as well! If you’d like to share your story or know someone who could share helpful information with our community (does not have to be directly in the industry), please email me and my team at support@meganwaldrep.com. I’d love to hear from newbie POCFs or “greenhorns,” seasoned POCFs, entrepreneurs, moms, industry experts, or anyone willing to share their wisdom or experience with us. We’d love to hear you’re perspective and celebrate your life and business, too. You are more valuable than you know!

Let me know how we can best support you. I want to make the POCF experience the best it can be.

Because, in the end, this is not just a role we’re playing but our LIVES. We don’t have to wait until a season begins or ends for it to happen. We must do what brings us joy in our lives for the long haul.

Speaking of, the POCF Private Forum really taking shape and getting better and better, with new ways to connect!

Here are a few things forum members get instantly when signing up:

⚓️ Private Podcast episodes only for Forum Members. – We have two private pods, one with Melissa Collier, I mentioned earlier, that is on fire, and another with Trish Whetstone of the BC Young Fishermen’s Network, where we debrief on her mid-drop of an interview. Just one episode ago if you want to listen.

⚓️ Easy-to-navigate topics so you can join conversations & chat with other POCFs as you please.

⚓️ The ability to start conversations & ask questions on what’s important to you today.

⚓️ Monthly virtual Meet & Greets to connect with fellow POCFs. I had one yesterday, and the replay is available on the Forum for members indefinitely, and it will keep building this way.

⚓️ Ability to ask Me questions and seek advice/feedback (this is currently the only way to reach Me directly for support as of now.)

⚓️ Helpful Resources To Navigate the Commercial Fishing Lifestyle only for Forum Members.

⚓️Quarterly virtual events with trusted professionals focusing on POCF lifestyle challenges and how to overcome them.

⚓️ 1st access to annual in-person events to hang with your fish sisters in real life!

⚓️ Prices will increase, so join now to lock in your founding membership fee – currently a one-time payment. Already increased once.

Sign up for the private forum here!

If you have any questions, you know where to reach me. Hope to connect with you soon! 🙂

With Love & POCFpride!,



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