8 Tips for Marrying a Fisherman w/ Wedding Designer Amy Devito

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I identify as a “Type A,” so I planned our wedding during our two-year engagement, and I pretty much had it on lock. That is, until about six months before the big day when questions popped up like, Do you want linens? How big are the tables? What song do you want to walk down the aisle? What about flowers? I quickly realized I had only figured out the “vibe,” not the details of the wedding. To add to it, Chris and I were living in California for the spiny lobster season, and the wedding was taking place in my hometown, Charleston, South Carolina. (And we all know how overwhelming a fishing season can be!) I needed help, stat.

Enter Amy Devito, owner and designer of Buttercup Events Inc.! Our wedding photographer shared Amy’s number, and *thank god* Amy was able to squeeze me in. (You can check out the Buttercup Events website here & Instagram here.) After working together, what stands out about Amy is that she is YOUR GIRL. She becomes an instant BFF that won’t blow smoke up your beautiful bum when plans go sideways. I should know:

A major storm rolled through on our reception night, complete with thunder and lightning… and a King Tide. With flooding a concern, the party moved out of the dock house and into a secondary space that worked just fine. By the time Chris and I arrived, the new space was set, and guests were sipping cocktails and “in the vibe.” Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing – especially when the dock house became a little refuge all its own. (You can read about it in the I Heart column, About the Wedding Reception.)

For a bonus, Amy opens up about tips that will get your wedding planning off to a strong start! Let’s meet Amy!

Photo by Taylor Lauren Barker

8 Tips On Marrying a Fisherman w/ Wedding Designer Amy Devito

(Photos of our wedding by Kim Graham Photography.)

You’ve been partying planning for years before you came to Charleston, including events in the Hamptons and Miami. What drew you to the art of event planning? Taking it further, what made you focus on weddings?

I wish there were some deep metaphysical answer to this, but the truth is I LOVE a great party, ever since I was little! Weddings are such special things, with so many moving parts and dynamics to them. I think that is what really draws me to them, I sometimes work with families for 2+ years, and I really get to know the inner workings of things, then I take all those tiny details that I learn about them and translate them into meaningful touches that they don’t even know are coming!

How did you choose the name “Buttercup Events?”

Buttercup has been my long-standing nickname. When I decided to re-launch the business here in Charleston, I wanted a name that was a bit different. I knew I didn’t want it to be my name but still wanted it to feel distinctly me, so Buttercup Events was born! Plus, she is the sassiest of all The Powerpuff Girls!


The million-dollar question: How do you stay so organized?

Honestly, it’s a lot of work to keep everything on track and make sure nothing ever slips through the cracks for any client. A big factor in the process is just my work ethic and my nonstop need to be on top of things. I’m that person that doesn’t leave the office until everything for that day is done; I can’t turn my brain off when I know I have outstanding tasks looming. Plus, against popular opinion, I still love paper. I love a good “to-do” list.

What are some of the highlights of your career?

Wow, that is tough. I have had so many special moments. And I wish I could say there is some giant momentous one, but really it is the faces of my clients when they see the reception for the first time – it’s the truest form of instant gratification that I can ever imagine! It’s also a running joke that I somehow seem to make it into a lot of “father of the bride” toasts, which reduces me to instant tears. I can’t fight it, so I just let it happen. Haha!


What are some of the challenges you face when wedding planning?

I would say the biggest challenge is a client not being transparent with me about the budget and details. Everyone has a budget, no matter the size, so I need to know that number going into things, or we will quickly find ourselves deep into things with contracts and choices that may have been the wrong ones! It’s my job to ensure that the right options are being presented and keep everything on track. I don’t know what I don’t know, so without honesty from the client, it’s almost impossible to make sure that the best choices are being made.

For a bride on a budget, what do you feel are the essential items to focus on when planning a wedding ceremony?

For the ceremony end of things, focus on what it is: two people, committing to each other! If we are talking about allocating funds, that is a great place to start the trim back of decor. Is a giant arbor of flowers pretty to stand in front of? Sure it is, it also will take a big chunk out of your budget, so rethink what is most important to you about those 30 mins. I also love to reuse things from the ceremony, items that my team and I can easily move, and double duty for something at the reception.


How about the essential items for a reception?

One of the first things that I always ask a new client is, “what is the THING for you?” Have you been thinking about flowers since you were nine years old? Do you want this amazing culinary experience for guests? Or do you want to blow it out on a band and make sure the dance floor is packed the whole night? That is really where I start to think about the vendor team and who would work best. Without fail, some compromises will be made in the planning and design process. By keeping priorities straight, I never lose sight of what is at the top of the list for my people.

What have you found that brides stress the most about and what are your suggestions to “let that shit go?”

You are the perfect example of this – the weather. It is truly the one thing I can’t control. What I can make sure of is that we have a plan B. Sometimes it’s also Plan C, D, and E. But there is ALWAYS a plan.


Speaking of, how do you stay calm when others around you are stressed out?

I hide it very well. (Lol, just kidding!) This job is very stressful, but I know a lot of that is self-imposed, and my desire for perfection on a wedding day and wanting to produce the exact right event can sometimes get the better of me. I try to put together a vendor team that I know will be able to handle any situation that may occur, and a lot of that is us supporting each other and doing whatever it takes to get it done. But, I am always reminding myself that it’s a party at the end of the day, and parties are fun!! I am also so incredibly lucky to have the support staff that I do; I could never do this without them, they are my greatest cheerleaders, and I’m endlessly grateful for them.


Most memorable wedding or event and why?

Ooooooo, that is nearly impossible to answer. It isn’t always the big-budget ones with tons of details and layer upon layer of design elements. Those, of course, are amazing, and when I really get to stretch the limits of what is possible without fail, something magical is produced. I would say it’s the weddings where I really connect with people. I still talk to clients who married 5+ years ago. I’ve seen them become families, move states, change jobs, really grow up and into themselves. To know that I was there, standing in the back like a weirdo stalker, when it all started makes every wedding special. I never lose sight of the fact that people are asking me to be in charge of what is up to that point in their lives, the most important day they have experienced. I want it to be everything they wanted, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure! 💍

More wedding photos to come next week! If you’re getting married in Charleston, head to Buttercup Events Inc. to book this talented lady to make your wedding dreams happen. For a taste of the sweet life, follow her on Instagram at @buttercupeventscharleston.

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