Baske Boutique

by Megan Waldrep

First published in the Montecito Journal Magazine, Summer/Fall 2019

How often do you walk into a shop in Santa Barbara to discover products created by the owners themselves? Enter Baske, the fashion child of husband and wife team, Dave and Nana Sumares who are actual shoe designers with over twenty years of experience. For Nana – who holds a degree from Parsons School of Design and a background as a fashion designer in NYC – this kind of hands-on expertise equals a deep understanding of fashion, the importance personal style, and what it means for each client to feel confident.  


Visiting both store locations, or clicking the website, you will discover many shoes with a signature look: a combination of a boot plus sandal with the style benefits of both. “Being shoe designers, we have new styles coming in every few months,” Dave said. He then describes a new seamless ankle bootie with a sand-blown feeling like you’ve visited an exotic desert. Sign us up.


If you have yet to experience Baske, co-owner and designer Dave describes the relaxed and friendly space as, “a place where people can discover a fun, curated selection of our own footwear collection, as well as clothes and accessories from independent brands with their own unique story.” Baske often receives limited amounts of new items from these small brands, such as “easy, breezy” clothing and accessories they think customers will love. It seems each time you stop by, you’re in for a limited-edition treat. “We love the idea of the return of the neighborhood boutique, operated by owners who enjoy engaging with the community,” Dave said. “We hope customers leave happier, more confident, and rewarded with the feeling of acquiring something with great value and will last over time.”

Montecito Journal Magazine

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