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Welcome to I Heart, real-life stories you can relate to, written under the pen name Elizabeth Rose. I Heart began as a column in the Santa Barbara Sentinel in 2015 and continues to publish not only in California but here as well. This blog combines I Heart stories and behind-the-scenes posts, seen below!

Goodbye #boatlife: Selling a Boat in Mexico Part 2

Continued from Goodbye #boatlife, Part 1: The stranger looked at Astrologer, pointing out various spots while Jason nodded in agreement. Not wanting to interrupt them I neared, I smiled while scooting past to climb aboard and continue packing. As if on cue, Jason popped in the cabin. A knot appeared in my stomach which, five-seconds ago, was not there. He informed me that the stranger’s name was Greg, and as Jason picked up a box of animals crackers, I leaned […]