Dry December Series Part 1: My Sober Story + 6 Tips That Helped Me Quit Drinking Alcohol

I decided December was a great time to introduce this series on sobriety (why wait until “Dry January?”). This is the first part of the three-part series. The first episode features my sober story and six tips that helped me quit drinking, the second episode is an interview with a Non-Alcoholic beverage consultant Jessa Frances, and the third is the sober story of POCF Monique Coombs of the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association and her social media initiative, How To Stay Sober.

No matter if you’re contemplating sobriety, you are sober curious, or you are on the jouney of sobriety – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

For further help in navigating support, contact Narcotics AnnonymousAlcoholics Annonymous, & Al-Anon for family support.

Blog: Addiction & Commercial Fishing: One Fisherman’s Story -https://meganwaldrep.com/addiction-commercial-fishing/


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