Yes, Fashion Designer Isaac Mizrahi is as fun as he seems on TV

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Isaac Mizrahi believes the way to success is finding pleasure in your work, and for the World famous designer, his pleasure points reach far beyond the runway. 

A four-time Council of Fashion Designers of America Award winner (the fashion equivalent of a Grammy or Oscar), the well-seasoned fashion designer with over 25 years of experience has grown the Mizrahi world to encompass various imaginative vignettes, including a series of comic books called Isaac Mizrahi Presents the Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel,  a historical documentary he co-wrote called Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites for PBS, directed Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music for Opera Theatre of St. Louis which he also designed the sets and costumes, award-winning costume designs (he won the 2002 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Costume Design for the Broadway play, The Women), and currently developing a one-hour scripted project called “The Collection,” drawing on his experience as a designer.  

Along with his acclaimed fashion lines (IsaacMizrahiLIVE!, Isaac Mizrahi New York, Isaac Mizrahi Jeans partnered with Sunrise Brands, to name a few), he’s partnered with Chevrolet to design a collection of clothing and accessories around the Chevy Malibu model.  

Oh, and he is currently a judge on the newest Project Runway franchise, Project Runway: All Stars, which is a natural fit for the lovable fashion designer.  

Because when you have instinctive talent and vision, you can.

A Chat With The Designer

“You know, I think that the more you do, the more you do.  And the less you do, the less you do.

“I find that on the days that I’m not doing anything, I get really sad and depressed.

“So, doing things and making things and creating things really helps keep my spirits.”

His happiness equals our happiness.

I like where he’s going with this…

Mr. Mizrahi has a joyful, charming, and extraordinary disposition that draws fans and TV audiences globally. 

The infamous Scarlett Johansson “boob bounce” incident (he swears it wasn’t a grab) from his E! Red Carpet interview in 2006 has kept the World giggling to this day.

When asked how he defines himself and his brand, he says, “I think it has a lot to do with humor. And that is a big void, I think, in the market, you know?

“To have a brand that actually doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s made for those women who actually want to have some fun.

“And so the word, “fabulous” really kind of evokes that idea of someone who has humor and enjoys this idea of things that are slightly over the top.

“And maybe a little crazy.”

He’s As Cool As You Hope Him To Be

His candor is refreshing, and his wild-eyed and playful demeanor speaks to you like you’re one of his pals.

We are at the launch of his first fragrance, FABULOUS, at Bloomingdales in Orange County, CA.

He is so engaging I quickly forget the lines of media and fans waiting to meet him.

Not to be distracted by the flashing lights of iPhones or the adorable poodle acting as the official mascot of the evening, Isaac continues,

“Sure, I’m a fashion designer, but I’m also a friend.

“Someone who likes to write. I feel that maybe in my next life, I’ll be a writer. Or this life.

“I really want to focus on that type of work.”

The most admirable and humanizing quality of the larger-than-life character is the periodic overhauls and reboots that he has endured keeping his brand present: A nullified partnership with Chanel drove the closure of his company in 1998, while a  relationship with Target in 2002 skyrocketed the favored designer into mainstream America, putting him in the forefront as an influential American icon. 

For a person who has accomplished so much, he handles success and failures as notches on the belt of experience and welcomes the chance to further master his crafts.

Sweet Smell Of Success

Not disheartened by the ebb and flow of the fashion and entertainment industry, he gets back up and tries again with newfound knowledge and unwavering determination to keep pushing boundaries as a creative force in modern society.

His vulnerability is heartwarming and endearing.

When he speaks about his latest creation, the FABULOUS Isaac Mizrahi fragrance, he leaves you confident that this won’t be the last project we will see from him. 

His influence on the fragrance comes from “the past 25 years of knowing some fabulous women…women who I consider really stylish who I’ve always held as icons.

“People who I have grown up watching…movie stars and past socialites.”

FABULOUS  Eau de Parfum retails from $78.00 (3.4 oz) to $20.00 (.33 oz rollerball) with shower gel, body lotion, and gift set available for the holidays.

I ask him about the products he’s developed and which one best expresses his story.  

He explains, “Not to seem on the nose, but I do think that this fragrance is going to try to embody the whole brand in the most accessible stroke…..this way, you can own the brand.

“The word, “fabulous” really sort of embodies it. I really do feel that it might be this.

“I can’t tell, but to me, it is because it’s, like, the latest thing.”

Until the next chapters are written in the book of Isaac Mizrahi’s life, congratulations are in order on a career and jobs well done. 

He deserves all of his well-earned happiness and lifelong success.

With the attitude that the glass is perpetually half-full, we know he will continue to express himself with wit and wisdom in whatever he decides to take on.

Cheers to you, Isaac, and thank you!

For more information on FABULOUS Isaac Mizrahi, please visit, follow Isaac on Twitter @IsaacMizrahi, or tune into Project Runway: All Stars 9 pm/8 pm central on Lifetime.

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