Mental Health Specialist Kate Kripke on Partnerships, Parenthood, & Making Time for Yourself When You “Have No Time.”

Maternal Mental Health Specialist Kate Kripke was our very first episode on the podcast, so this is a beautiful full-circle moment to have you on at the beginning of 2024! One of my favorite parts of having Kate on the podcast is that she asks personal questions, almost like we’re in a therapy session, to work through and get to the answers. Specifically, Kate walks me through the awkard moments of what it’s like to reunite with your fisherman after a long season and how to overcome stresses of fluxuating seafood prices mentally. Yes, please!

I love this episode because Kate discusses communication in partnerships, how not to take things personally (hello!), and the secret of “being present” and what that even means. I was surprised to learn it’s not being 100% all the time, which is a relief as I’d beat myself up about it. I’ve applied Kate’s advice to my own life with my partner and my nephews (since we don’t have kids), and I’ve noticed a difference in my mental ability to handle situations and also not be so hard on myself. A freakin’ win in my book! I hope you’ll enjoy this episode and it helps you as much as it did me.

In this episode, we learn about Kate’s “3 C’s” and how to apply them to our partnerships, parenting, and ourselves.

  • Curiosity
  • Compassion
  • Choice

Kate is also offering FREE CONSULTATIONS to all POCFs who are ready to prioritize their mental health and are interested in learning about her 12-week program:

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Instagram: @katekripke

Book: Reinventing Supermom: Support, Encouragement and Strategies for New Mothers Who Feel Los

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