Join the First Ever *Beach Retreat* for Partners of Commercial Fishermen!

You’re Invited to the * First Ever Pleasure Retreat * for Partners of Commercial Fishermen!

I’m extra excited to dive into the first-ever beach retreat for POCFs! 

But first, I want to share a testimonial from a member of our community.

“I stumbled upon your blog post when frantically Googling, trying to find other commercial fisherman spouses! Missing him comes in waves, and I’m struggling today! Even just reading your blog and realizing someone out there has experienced the same is so comforting.” – Becca Bissent

I totally agree because we all know how isolating it can feel to be a Partner of a Commercial Fisherman. 

It’s why this community was started in the first place. Getting emails from other POCFs when I posted a blog post about Dating a Commercial Fisherman showed me that there was a huge community of us out there.

I’ll never forget the first email I received from a fellow POCF saying, “I get you.” It made me feel empowered and less alone. It brought a sense of belongingness while living between two worlds as a woman and a partner of a commercial fisherman.

Our virtual community is a powerful lifeline for many of us, and I didn’t think it could get better….until it did. 

National Fisherman's Panel at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington

Last fall, I spoke at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington. If you don’t know, it’s the West Coast’s largest commercial marine and fishing industry trade show. Meeting other POCFs was like an electric shock in the best way. 

It was incredible to have an automatic connection with someone when they said, “I’m a POCF, too!” It’s like an instant sisterhood that I and many of us don’t get to experience where we live.

I equate it to the engagement party speech scene in the movies Bridesmaids. When you say you’re a commercial fisherman, it’s as if we can communicate with each other with simply a look. 

*Me and every Partner of a Commercial Fisherman:*

An in-person experience with other women who understand our unique lifestyle is *life-changing* and I wanted a chance for us to have a deeper connection, too. 

That is why I created the All-Inclusive Beach Retreat that’s happening September 11th – 13th.

I debated where it should take place – the West Coast, the East Coast, or the middle of the country. But when I thought about all the ways I want you to feel pampered, empowered, and loved that week, there is only one place it could be:

Woman walking under pier in turquoise water at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

~ Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina ~

I want to immerse you in Southern Hospitality.

I made it All-inclusive, so all you have to do is show up and be your awesome self. 

What does All-Inclusive mean?

  • It means you have a room all to yourself to lay starfish on the bed without family or home responsibilities calling for you.
  • Exclusive 3-day/2-night beach house retreat experience with no more than five partners of commercial fishermen.
  • It means your meals are taken care of. And the food is VIP, too. I want to pamper y’all so you get only the best.
  • Choice beverages and snacks at your leisure.
  • You also get 1 on 1 messaging with me leading up to the event, plus a Lifetime FREE membership to our new Private Online Forum. 

Other Highlights include:

  • Of course, meeting other girlfriends, fiances, and wives of Commercial Fishermen! Imagine chillin’ on a porch of a Beach House in a rocking chair with your favorite drink, letting the warm salty breeze through your hair, and bonding with other women who you don’t have to explain yourself to because they get you!
  • Delicious, yummy food.
  • Lots of laughter. This overnight Retreat will be like the best slumber party you’ve ever had (but better because of VIP pampering!) and great times with college roommates. 
  • Relaxation and opportunities to reflect and chill in your room by yourself if you just want downtime.
  • Activities like beach walks, beach time (weather permitting), options for yoga, and sound healing if you’d like to participate. 
  • Professional advice on how to maintain sanity as a caregiver so you can leave with REAL solutions that will really work for you during the fishing seasons. 
  • Take-away gifts and, as I mentioned, a network of ongoing support via our private forum where you can connect with your new friends and other POCFs well after the retreat.
  • and there are even more surprises in store that will benefit not only you but your fisherman and family, too!

wrightsville beach north carolina beach access

But this isn’t an experience for everyone…


  • You want to connect on a deeper level with like-minded women in a safe and fun environment.
  • You want to relate with others who have been there and ask questions without judgment.
  • You want a break from the workload to gear up for the seasons ahead.
  • You’re a mother who would like to get away for a meaningful few days to focus on strengthening yourself and your family.


  • You do not want to develop friendships with women in the industry.
  • You believe “suck it up” is the only way to cope with being a fisherman’s partner.
  • You are a partner of a sport fisherman. We love our sporties, but being in a relationship with a commercial fisherman is different. It just is!
  • You are looking for a “Spring Break” experience. Sure, alcohol is welcome, but this is a time to relax and reset instead of nursing hangovers for three days. 

If you’re a mom, maybe you’re thinking, “I’d love to go, but what will I do with my kids?”

Here are some ideas for you from other moms I’ve spoken with:

  • The beach retreat is September 11-13th, which is a Monday through Wednesday. School is in session for many older kids, so your childcare provider will not have to be “on call” every hour of the day.
  • You could Trade a few days of childcare with a neighbor, friend, or family member you trust so you can have your time covered.
  • If you think about it, you’re only “two sleeps” away from home. You could literally drop your kids off at school on Monday, then pick them up from school on Wednesday. As I’ve learned from being an aunt and sitting for friends’ children, kids are much more independent and capable than many of us give them credit for. (They’re often very well-behaved, too.) Two sleeps will go by in a flash, and you’ll return to your family refreshed and ready to take on the days ahead. 

I’m so excited about the beach retreat because this is a chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip with other POCFs that will never happen this way again. It is sure to be a moment in time that will transform you and one you will never forget!

What POCFs are saying:

“I started dating my boyfriend in December, and it’s been so hard. I never knew it would be this hard. Probably the biggest source of encouragement for me has been your community. Y’all have made me feel not so alone.” – Hina

“I’m so incredibly happy I found this community because I feel this is so different from so many other LDRs (Long Distant Relationships).” – Lainna

“I’m really excited to see that there’s a whole community of us out there; it makes me feel better that I’m not alone in this.” – Alexis

There are two payment options available:
1 Payment of $2222
2 Payments of $1222
Accommodations and meals are included!
Travel not included.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: WILMINGTON, NC (ILM) – Short 20-minute ride to the location.


**Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.**

If you want to learn more, reach out to me and my team at or DM me the word “RETREAT” on Instagram, and I’ll answer any questions you may have. 

I hope you’ll join us for this super fun and life-changing experience. It would be my honor to share this special moment in time with you.

What do you say? Let’s meet at the Beach!



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