How-To Write a Quick Business Profile

How do you write a business profile when you have lots of information but space and time are limited?

You got this!

I’m walking you through my short-but-sweet piece on Dylan Star, a Santa Barbara, California boutique, for tips on a well-rounded shout out. (Scroll below!)


How-to Write a Quick Business Profile:

  1. Record the interview on the “Voice Memos” App on your phone. I love this because you can be present in the interview without ferociously taking notes! 
  2. With that said, I recommend jotting short notes when certain facts catch your attention. Your notes act as an outline to organize your thoughts before writing or transcribing the interview.  I also mark down the minute/second to easily find quotes later.
  3. Pick the top facts and glide them into full yet concise sentences. With the right sentence structure, you can share a lot. Get creative. 
  4. Flesh out the story with your personal experience without making it about you. What did it look like? What kinds of products stood out to you? How did the owner make you feel? A little bit of storytelling will make your piece come to life. 
  5. If the subject has an upcoming event, slip it in. 
  6. Always include the business information at the end of your piece so readers know how to reach them.

To read an example, check out the Dylan Star profile below!


A BFF Shopping Experience with Dylan Star

First published in the Santa Barbara Sentinel, December 2019

You just agreed to a last-minute date but you can’t leave the office in time to go home and change. No worries. Erica Brown has you covered. Located under the same roof as Salon U, Brown’s slice of retail therapy called, Dylan Star, has everything you need to switch from boss to babe in minutes flat. 

The former hairdresser of ten years always wanted to be a fashion buyer, but without formal training, the dream seemed farfetched. That is until she opened her own shop. Shoes, accessories, plus a combination of new separates and styles are available to create an ensemble to fit your personality. “I’ve always felt that when you put an outfit on or you take a little extra time for what you’re wearing it can increase your joy, an interview, or how you feel about yourself.”

She has the guys in mind, too. On Thursday, December 19th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm, Dylan Star is hosting a guys night with beer, whiskey, and wish lists from girlfriends, daughters, mothers, or grandmothers on hand. All week, women can drop buy and register their favorite pieces and, once beers are opened and whiskey poured, the gentlemen will have a list of names, sizes, prices, and descriptions of the desired items to purchase with ease. As a bonus, Erica’s husband will be in attendance to help the bros if needed.

A third-generation Santa Barbarian, Erica’s main goal is to empower people to get outside of the box to try something new. “Women deserve to feel good about themselves and for so long, we’ve been taught that size matters,” Erica said. “I don’t think it should be like that. You wear something that fits, that makes you feel good, and it improves everything.” Visit Dylan Star


What do you think? Have any tips or questions to add? We’d love to know, please share in the comments below!

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