16 Yr. Old Cody Pratt on What It Means to be a 4th Generation Commercial Fisherman

I was super impressed by Cody even before our interview. After searching his Instagram account @easytigerfishing, I was blown away by not only his passion for this career but also how he handles comments from those who may have a negative attitude towards fishermen. I definitely took notes!

In this episode, we learn:

  • Cody’s beginnings in commercial fishing, how he balances school and fishing, and what his peers think of his occupation.
  • The lessons he’s learned from his grandfather on how to be a successful fisherman.
  • His opinion on “Graying of the Fleeting” and his thoughts on the future of commercial fishing.

You can link with Cody on Instagram at @easytigerfishing or email him directly at cody62107@gmail.com.

Check out the latest episode of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Podcast!

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