How POCFs Handle Long Separations from Their Fishermen

A recent newsletter sent to our POCF community sparked some feelings for our readers and some from me, too.

To be honest, I got triggered. Then, I had to dive deep and determine why these particular comments made my blood boil. Honestly, it was cathartic. And I’m sure many POCFs have had people question their love lives with their fishermen. Although it’s kinda rude to bring up – especially from a stranger – it does make a gal pause to think.

Triggers are there for a reason: to help us move through what we may have been stuck on in the past.

In this episode, I explore the kinds of emotions you can have when your fisherman leaves (from sad to elation to WTF), why they’re normal, and why they’re imperative for our sanity.

Check out the latest episode of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Podcast!

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