11 Must-Wear Items for a Commercial Fishing Boat When It’s Cold

I’ll admit that my first-world problem is styling waterproof and windproof clothing. It was an everyday challenge when we lived on a sailboat, and it still is for the rare moments I hop on the fishing boat. However, after much research, I believe I nailed it.

I like to thrift or consign clothes because it won’t cost much to replace if dirtied or torn, but I’ve listed links to functional items you can make your own. Remember, it’s colder on the water, especially before the sun comes up or down, so layer up. (In warm weather, I wear a bathing suit with loose cotton pants and a button-up linen shirt to hide from the sun.)

Pack a backpack to store extra layers, wear or de-robe as needed. Keep water, snacks, wallet, seasickness remedies, etc., there as well, so all your belongings are contained in one small space and out of the way. Here are a few other items to note:

  • Wear stud earrings or nothing at all. Dangly earrings can get hooked or caught on Lord knows what. Yikes!
  • Bandanas are great for keeping the cold wind off your neck and adding that extra spark of personality when needed.
  • If wear makeup on the water (I do to feel more “girly”), waterproof eyeliner or mascara is key to staying put for random selfies. 😄
  • Polarized sunglasses are the best, but I usually wear cheap aviators for my “lewk” and call it a day.

Hope you enjoy the list below! I would love to hear your thoughts and must-haves in the comments section. And if you haven’t yet, catch up on the Diary of a POCF series Here’s a link to chapter 1: The Goodbye

11 Must-Wear Items For a Commercial Fishing Boat

Wind and Waterproof Jacket
Looks super modern on, I layer this one over my retired Mountain Hardware fleece when it's really cold. I like that it doesn't have a hood to block my view. Alternatively, you can slip a waterproof shell over a fleece or favorite jacket to get similar protection from wind and waves.
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Good Boots
In partnership with the AK Salmon Sisters, you've probably seen the cool designs inside of the boot. They have a mermaid scene and this classic octopus, which I prefer. I think it's the red.
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Bama Sokkets
If you wear Xtratufs, you ned Bamas. Trust. They wick the sweat away to keep your feet dry, plus it makes the boot fit more snuggly on your feet. This links to a size 7-8, so click the search bar once inside and type in your perfect fit.
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When the weather's too warm for boots, Chris and I both like classic Vans. Since they're built for skateboarding, the bottom grip is strong so you can maneuver on the boat with confidence.
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Hat w/ Chin Strap
Leave your fancy lid on land, because there's a good chance it will get crushed, wet, or dirty, on a boat. For more coverage than a trucker hat, try a neutral safari/fishing hat that you can TOTALLY make your own. The chin strap is key!
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Fleece Leggings
I always have an extra pair of fleece leggings as a base later in the winter, especially on the boat. Perfect transition from cold early mornings, then strip off during the warmer mid-day.
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Darn Tough Socks
The socks are lifetime guaranteed, they are so good. Return a pair to be mended for free if you find yourself with a hole-ly sole. But the chances of that are pretty slim because they are THAT GOOD!
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The house is divided on this one: Lululemon or Fabletics? Whichever you prefer, black leggings are a great option – especially leggings you want to retire – to keep you mobile on the boat. They look cute with any shoe or boot, too. SCORE.
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Wool Base Layer Tank
Literally how I survive any weather under 65 degrees. (Yes, I am a wuss!) I wear one under t-shirts or tanks when the weather isn't cold, but on the edge. Because being on the water is ALWAYS colder, this easy-to-peal-off layer will always be a staple. You'll wear it on land just as much, so it's worth the price and then some.
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Wool Base Layer Hoodie
This looks good on everyone. All black and fitted, Chris has one and I'm coping! He's worn it around the house with sweats and looks so cute. Currently, he's layering it under foul weather gear in Alaska this season. Fits snuggly around his head to keep wind and water out. Wear this over the wool tank and zip a windproof jacket on top. You're set.
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Since wind can be gnarly and become even worse when it's wet, gloves pack easily, so throw some in your bag. These even have touchscreen fingers to keep the selfie game going. And if you need to switch to rubber gloves to move or touch grubby shiz, these double as liners, too!
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