How to Stay Organized for a Fishing Season + Free Calendar

Free Calendar Download to Get Instantly Organized That Every Fishing Couple Needs

I will admit that it’s challenging not to get involved in my fisherman’s business. I love organizing, planning, researching, and all that type-A stuff. On top of that, I’m a writer, so I’m unconsciously looking for ways to postpone deadlines. It turns out that focusing on someone else’s shiz is an excellent/terrible way to do it.

Chris admits that I can be a little overbearing regarding “to-do” lists (he’s not wrong), so a calendar has been a helpful way to keep Chris moving without getting in the way. After dinner, we usually sit down and discuss what tasks are left; then, I write them out per day and week.

Chris also appreciates the calendar because he is easily distracted, so projects laid out before him give a better visual of how much time is left. Here’s an example of ours as we packed up the spiny lobster season. The first calendar got messy and super stressful to look at, so I made another with the remaining projects. To me, less visual clutter means less stress. (And we all need less stress in commercial fishing, right?)


free calendar downloadable used for commercial fishing


free calendar downloadable for fishermen


  • When a fisherman says a project will take one day, mark it down for two days. If he thinks it will take two days, mark down a few extra as wiggle room. Though it may not take the extra time, clearing space to focus on one task at a time helps streamline the process. Plus, when you finish a project beforehand, that spare time feels like a vacation.
  • I initially used a calendar found on Google, but I’ve created a new one just for us! Please advise that the week starts on Monday, with the weekend anchoring the week. I like this layout because you can block weekends for big projects, and it feels less scattered. I hope it works well for you, too!

Get Free Calendar Download Here

free calendar download for fishermen

How will you use this calendar? Do you have any tricks to stay organized through the fishing season? Please share in the comments below!

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