The Ultimate Gift for Partners of Commercial Fishermen

I love hearing from other POCFs about how they cope when their fishermen are away. Some stay busy with work and household projects, while others like to sleep in their partner’s favorite shirt. I loved the last idea, and I just thought of a way to take it a step further. Bear with me while we get *extra* for a minute:

Why don’t we…WEAR THEIR FACE!

It looks creepy when I write it, but I would TOTALLY love to “sleep” with my fisherman when he’s away. What better way to make you smile than to see your lover on your sleeve, and what better way to make you laugh when he’s making a silly face, too! (Bonus points if you use a funny pic!) 😂

I’ve listed a couple of options here. Of course, there are many ways to make this dream come to life. I’m thinking of taking the leap and getting all three – for different seasons, different moods, different vibes. You feel me?

Which ones would you be down for? Please let us know in the comments below!

Custom Long Pajama Set
For those cold nights
Just think: you miss your man? Just gaze at your belly! That makes me giggle just thinking about it. The company uses soft cotton for these bad boys to make our nighttime chill sessions very chill.
I want one!
Custom Short Sleeve & Short Set
For the warmer nights
The top features a crew-neck w/ short sleeves, and the shorts have elastic waist. Which is perfect for vegging out on Netflix with those dangerously delicious chocolate pretzels from Trader Joe's. (Or is it just me?)
Um, hell yeah!
Custom Photo Socks
For the everyday
Maybe you're more subtle? Or, you want to bring your fisherman along while you run errands? You can try this simple design or do the "face all over" style. I like this one because it has a more "refined" look. But what am I talking about? Putting a face on clothing is hilar-balls, so the more out there, the better! You pick!
This is more me!
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