How-To Instantly Find Calm & Protect Your Energy with Breathwork Facilitator Brenda Winkle

Did you know Maine Lobstermen have adapted breathwork practices to help regulate stress?

This episode is filled with calm and comfort for our mental wellness and emotional stability for the new year! I’m so honored to introduce Brenda Winkle, a certified advanced trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, somatic coach, and trauma-informed Reiki Master, into our community.

Brenda shares with us the power of breathwork and the EASIEST breath pattern to calm the nervous system in seconds. It’s magic, it’s simple, and she’s sharing it all with you! We also discuss:

  • Her 10-breath method for instantly calming anxiety.

  • “Chord cutting” and other methods to detach draining or negative energy.

  • How to manage the inner “content” in our lives with the “context” of everyday experiences.

  • Plus, her *free mini-course* in the link below!

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Here are ways to connect with Brenda, plus freebies for the POCF community!

IG: @brendawinkle

FREE: Get instant access to Brenda’s mini-course to “Breathwork to Strengthen and Trust Intuition,” to start feeling clarity and calm now! :


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Feature photo by Darius Bashar

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