How Aubrey McNeil Successfully Dates A Bristol Bay Fisherman

What a treat! Aubrey McNeil reached out to me years ago via email about dating a commercial fisherman, and now we have her on the podcast talking about her dating life AND her new job working in the commercial industry. I’m always fascinated to see where our journeys take us on the unique and adventurous ride of being with commercial fishermen.

This image was taken at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston in March 2023, and we also got to hang out at the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Parlor Dockside Chat at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle in November 2023! It goes to show that when you meet a fellow POCF, you’re linked for life. 🙂

This was one of the first episodes published; it may have been missed, so I wanted to give it more time in the sun and a chance to meet one of your POCF sisters. #POCFPride!

In the episode, you’ll learn:

  • Challenges Aubrey faced in the beginning
  • What being a POCF has taught her the most.
  • How she became more involved in the fishing community, and how you can, too!

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To connect with Aubrey, link up with her in our private forum (link below!) or on Instagram at @aubs_outside.


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With love & #POCFpride!

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