What Dating an Alaskan Fisherman Is Like

Long-distance dating is part of the game with commercial fishing. Whether your fisherman is gone for a day, weeks, or months at a time, there are certain routines that partners of commercial fishermen learn to embrace and end up loving (like alone time! Whoop whoop!).

But, the novelty of time alone comes and goes like small emotional waves. One moment, you’re happy to live a “single” life again, rolling through the day as you want without obligations or anyone chiming in. But the next moment comes, and you miss your fisherman so much it hurts. Sometimes, you’ll feel it within five minutes. We’ve all been there and will be again. As they say, being in a relationship with a commercial fisherman is not for the faint of heart! (But we got this!)

So when I first saw this reel by fellow POCF Leah Mojer posted in our private FB group, my heart swelled, and my eyes watered. We all can relate to how precious FaceTimes, phone calls, or texts are when you haven’t had contact for days or even weeks. Although we’ve discussed how it feels to long-distance date a fisherman, and most of us have said Goodbye many times, there’s something about Leah’s video that sticks a lump in your throat. Bittersweet.

Before we click play, here’s a breakdown of the top posts for navigating our unique relationships with commercial fishermen:

Top Posts for Dating a Fisherman

There’s a ton more in the Advice and Tips section in the Partners of Commercial Fisherman category, but those are just a few to start. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they help!

I also want to add that Leah’s fisherman took incredible videos from his time at sea. Fisheries vary so much that it’s fascinating to see how others do what they do. And damn, do these guys get after it – check out the rough seas! Also, bravo to Leah for beautifully editing together a little peek of their loving relationship during a fishing season. And now, let’s meet Leah and her fisherman, Jim Sjolund. She made this video for their third anniversary, and, wow, it’s just great.

(Also, I would love to know how long you’ve been together with your fisherman. Please share in the comments below!)

I mean… Right? What parts of the video resonate the most with you? And if you haven’t yet, please share how long you’ve dated your fisherman in the comments below! It’s such a joy to know others can relate! As always, thanks for being here. Till next time! 💙🐟

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