5 Micro-Luxury Items from The Dollar Tree To Pamper Yourself

5 Micro-Luxuries from The Dollar Tree To Pamper Yourself

The top advice I’ve gathered from other POCFs has been to budget for your leanest year and pay off debts in the good seasons. I’m in contact with a finance pro that can (hopefully) guide us further on how to do it for a future post. Even in the leanest year, there are ways to treat yourself that you can find at your local Dollar Tree.

What is a Micro-Luxury?

Micro-luxuries are the little things that make you feel special, tiny moments of self-care sprinkled throughout your day. (Candles, sweet or savory treats, and bath and body products come to mind.) It could be a luxe coffee kettle, wearing an item that gives you a pep, or taking a moment for yourself to breathe. We first heard about this term from our friends this summer, and I love it. 

MLs can be free (think wildflowers and nature collections), budget-friendly (mentioned in this post!), or extravagant (we all have them), but what matters is that they elevate your mood. Almost like “happy hacks” to try throughout the day. What’s a micro luxury that comes to mind for you? Please share in the comments below!

What are the Best Items at The Dollar Tree?

People rush to the party section, but I love the home items, like candles, holders, and decorative glass plates for potted plants. I go nuts with candles. I love the tea candles for morning rituals or entertaining and the tall white glass pillars because they burn evenly for a very long time and already come in a holder. Here’s a list of the top five items I buy every visit:

5 Micro-Luxuries from The Dollar Tree To Pamper Yourself


For me, tealights are an instant mood lift and a way to cozy up a dinner or charcuterie board. Hard to believe you can get a pack of twenty tealight candles for a dollar and twenty-five cents. Yep, the Dollar Tree is now the “Dollar-twenty-five Tree.” Times are tough. Regardless, this is one of my favorite deals in the store. Burn them with a barrier between the candle and the surface because the metal gets super hot! 

set of twenty tea light candles from The Dollar Tree

Votive Candle Holders

Votive holders are nearby to protect the heat and flame. The Dollar Tree gets a weekly inventory rotation, but this style remained a staple. Bonus: the votives double as individual dip containers, too!

clear glass tea candle holders from the Dollar Tree

Notebook or Journal

No matter how many journals and notebooks I go through, I circle back to the good ole composition book once in a while. Opening the cover is a rush into the past, and the crisp pages scream school-year newness in the best way! Other than journaling, write meal plans, To-do lists, or use them as a place to write notes to your fisherman while he’s away for a long season. Military families have found this helpful when children are missing a parent. Give it to your fishermen when they return and laugh over funny and heartwarming memories you can now share together.

yellow composition notebook from The Dollar Tree

Essential Oil Blends

I’m not sure if this is a frequent item, but I have found decent essential oil blends in the bath section from time to time. (Also, a great place to find cotton rounds if you use them.) There are *many* opinions on essential oils, so I’ll leave it up to you. This product has only two ingredients – lavender oil and almond oil – so I snagged it. I use it for my cuticles at night when I remember, and I love it!

Lavender and almond oil dropper

Pillar Candles

I want to say this is the Holy Grail of Dollar Tree items, but it feels too on the nose. 😉 The Dollar Tree usually is well-stocked in pillars, with or without religious labels. I’ve seen almost every color, too, even black. If you’re not big on the print, the labels easily peel off and turn into neutrals. I love pillars because the flame is protected within the container and burns evenly for a long time. As with any candle, be careful where you burn. The glass gets hot. I also like the idea of reusing the containers to make homemade candles!

White pillar candle with Virgin Mary on Glass from The Dollar Tree

What’s a micro luxury that comes to mind? Please share in the comments below! As always, thank you so much for reading, and see you next week!  🐟  ~ Megan ~

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