Want to Meet In Real Life? See You At the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle!

Let’s Meet at the ’22 Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle!

Thanks to you, I am honored and grateful to represent our special POCF community at the Pacific Marine Expo on November 17th, 2022!


I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate you. By being here, we’ve created a safe space for POCFs to connect with others from across the globe who “get it” and, in turn, have given me a dream job. I can’t thank you enough for your support and love, and I’m excited to keep building a corner of the Internet just for us to hang out, feel empowered, and remind each other that although our situations are different, we are not alone. WE GOT THIS!

I’ll be on a panel with three other writers from National Fisherman (including fellow POCF and photographer Bri Dwyer!) to discuss our view of the industry. I’m a little nervous about taking the stage, but what anchors me is this: I may not represent every experience of a partner of a commercial fisherman, but I am proud to hold a space for POCFs to connect and share our voices. 💙 #POCFpride

On that note, I’d love to hear your opinion on the event below! If there’s something you’d like for me to address, voice, research, or cover in National Fisherman, please email me at meganwaldrep@icloud.com. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you can make it!

A Peek into the Wheelhouse: The Voices and Perspectives of National Fisherman

As the only publication dedicated to the entire U.S. commercial fishing industry, National Fisherman exclusively features the news, insights, and updates that matter most to fishermen across the country. Being able to do so is on account of the various writers and contributors that define the articles, photos, and perspectives in print and online. What are some of the biggest changes NF writers and contributors have seen in their coverage? Are there specific topics they haven’t been able to explore properly? What developments are they looking forward to seeing take shape in 2023 and beyond?

Join a panel of National Fisherman writers and contributors to explore all of these questions and more. Members of the audience will be encouraged to ask questions of the panel but also connect individually with the people covering and promoting the commercial fishing industry like no other.

This session will take place on day 1 of PME, November 17th, 2022, from 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM at the National Fisherman Member’s Box.

My First Trip to the Pacific Marine Expo Went Like This

I think back to the first and only PME I ever attended with Chris. It was 2016, the beginning of our second year together, and my first time being around more commercial fishermen than a dinner table could fit.

I may sound nuts, but I had no idea that the industry had an expo, let alone three days of speakers, events, and rows of booths filled with curiosities I was not curious about (at the time) in the slightest. (Some POCFs know what I mean!) To commercial fishermen – especially in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska – the Pacific Marine Expo is the Super Bowl. And this year, we get to play, too! I’ll be the eyes and ears and report all the good stuff. Be sure to follow my Instagram highlights that day, too!

POCF Tip: Convince your fisherman to make it a work trip, then turn it into a vacation. Snag a home base at one of the great hotels or Airbnb/VRBOs, and read this blog that covers a bunch of Seattle Qs!

The Seattle Ferris Wheel at sunset phot by Vincent Camacho
For example: After PME, ride the Seattle Great Wheel with your sweetie…
black and white selfie photo of a couple in the Seattle Ferris Wheel
…then snap a selfie like this. 🙂 Take the kids or yourself if the fisherman is fish talkin’ with old friends at PME!

So….what’s your November like? Are you free on Thursday, November 17th, from 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM? If so, let’s connect via DM or email at meganwaldrep@icloud.com and hug it out IRL!

Behind the picture: the main featured photo is from June 2019. Chris had a random break from commercial fishing salmon in Cordova, Alaska, and I flew to Seattle for two days to see him. Coming from warm and humid North Carolina, my black thrift store cashmere sweater and turban (from New Orleans!) kept me warm in the crisp PNW mornings and were easily peeled off as the sun came out. The takeaway is that *thrift store cashmere* is KEY for warmth and price. Plus, if you happen to dirty or snag it, it won’t hurt as much. Granted, I will be layering the F up for November. Til then, I can’t wait to chat about more POCF stuff with you at the Expo!

Have you been to the Pacific Marine Expo, or will you go this year? What was your experience? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. See you there!!! I’ll be there and am excited to meet you and Bri. I love her stuff on Instagram. I just haven’t had any time to sit down and write this year, which is just really pathetic . But I FINALLY finished up my physical therapy for the broken hip shit this morning so I’m hopeful I’m getting my life back. Plus it looks like the zoom meetings are cooling down as the wind farm in our area is a full steam ahead.


    • Hey, Lori! I’m so glad you’re on the other side of the broken hip – so sorry you had to deal with that! Yay for the Expo! Let’s keep in touch here, via email, or Instagram. I’ll post updates on socials and future blog posts, too! Cheers to your speedy recovery, and see you in November!