8 Emotions You’ll Feel When Your Fishermen is Away

8 Feelings You’ll Have as a Partner of a Commercial Fishermen

Though sadness and worry are inevitable Feelings when your partner goes fishing for months at a time, there is also a pretty awesome side to having more time for yourself. Below is a simple emoji breakdown of what Partners of Commercial Fishermen (POCFs) can expect:


Let me explain…

😥 = Goodbyes are always hard. You worry about his safety when he leaves for the airport and when he launches on the boat. Say your prayers and think positive thoughts because…

😏 = You’ll soon realize you have the whole house to yourself! Your rules. For example…

🤩 = What do you want for dinner, breakfast, or lunch? Anything you damn wish! No more worrying about what your partner wants to eat or when. Plus, you can starfish out on the bed without someone tossing and turning or snoring next to you. WINNING!

😌 = You can binge-watch Sex and the City without any snide comments. That, my friend, is Gold with a capital “G.” I recently binged Bravo’s Southern Charm while Chris was in Alaska, and it was heaven. (What would you watch?)

😕 = The two-week mark is usually when the bachelorette honeymoon wears off, and you start to miss your man. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. A whole group of POCFs are right there with you! (Share your thoughts with us here!)

😳 = So, it’s been pretty sweet for a while. But in between your cereal and streamed TV binge, you remember you haven’t heard from your partner in a while. Real-time? Two weeks. You start to panic, and rightfully so, but give it a few days. He’s busy and most likely doesn’t have a cell signal.

🥴 = Then, he calls! Praise the Lord! He’s safe! But the phone connection is terrible, and your build-up from missing him spills out in one long run-on sentence before the phone cuts out. Great. You didn’t get to say the sweet things you meant to say after telling him how hard the POCF life is for you, and now the guilt begins. (See what I mean here.)

The other scenario: he’s got nothing really to report except fishing, and you’ve exhausted all your stories. So, after you realize he’s doing well and got that care package you sent, an awkward silence ensues. This is normal. (Scroll down to #3 in this post for a real-life reenactment.)

🤗 = He’s home! He’s a bit scruffier, but damn, he looks good. When Chris came back after the first two seasons, it took a solid 24 hours before I got comfortable with him again. I was so used to living my life and doing my own thing that it was a strange transition back into couplehood. If you experience this, just know that soon enough, all will be well. And you’ll realize your relationship got stronger because your heart grew fonder.🐟

Does this ring true for you? If so, please explain in the comments below!


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