Letter: “I’m Worried abt the Partying in AK”

This a conversation between a reader and myself that began in the comments section of a previous post. The following has been edited for clarity.

“There is a dark side relating to partying and coping with drugs.”

Hi, I just started dating a fisherman. We love each other very much, but there is a dark side relating to partying and coping with drugs. My boyfriend is clean when he is with me, and he is promising to stay like that, but I’m bothered by the idea that he is going to try again.

Also, how you deal with all the girls who go to Alaska and party, and who might try to get in your man’s pants because everyone is bored and exhausted? Maybe my situation is different than yours, but I am trying to stay positive this year since we both love each other very much. For him go this year was a big decision.

“I’ve been in a similar situation…”

Hey, Silvia. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry you’re going through this. You’re a wonderful partner to bring this up to help him and you both!

I’ve been in a similar situation, and it sucks! Plus, I struggle with addiction and understand that dark hole. On that note, I’ve learned that there is an AA group up there if he is interested. I’ll do some digging and send you the information.

When it comes down to it, we can’t control how other people will act in the future. All we can do is love and support our partners to be the best they can be. I know that’s hard to hear, but at some point, we have to surrender to relieve anxiety and stress it causes in our own lives.

As far as other women go, you just have to trust your man.

You guys sound like a loving couple, and as long as the trust is there, you’ll be great! Plus, “worrying is like praying for something you don’t want.” It doesn’t serve us and only makes life harder.

This year, commercial fishing in Alaska will look a lot different than it did in the past. Bars will not be open, and fishermen will be quarantined to their boats. Socializing is minimal to non-existent. I hope this helps in some way. You speak on concerns that many women go through. Thank you for reaching out. It’s a brave thing to do!


“Trust above everything else…”

Thank you, Megan. It totally makes sense. You put your words together very well for me to get out of my insecure cloud.

Trust above everything else, let go of the stress and have patience. I really want to stay on the positive side.

It’s true, this year things are very quiet, which brings a little peace and hope for him and the people that love him. Thank you, looking forward to reading more about your post.

“I dealt with insecurities for the first two years…”

My pleasure to help! I know it’s tough. I dealt with insecurities for the first two years in my relationship, most of that fueled by my addiction to weed.

I looked up some AA groups in Bristol Bay, but then I realized since we are in a pandemic, they will not meet as usual.

Please tell you man that he isn’t the only one staying clean up in the Bay, though it can feel like it. My fiance Chris is sober, as well as a handful of others who will wake up each day refreshed and without a hangover.

I believe in you, your partner, and your love together. He’s lucky to have you! Stay positive, girl. You are a queen!👑

Are you a partner of a commercial fisherman? What are your biggest concerns when your partner goes to Alaska? Can you relate? Please share in the comments below!

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