Airstream Kitchen Tour plus 3 Tips for Small Space Cooking

What can I say? Living in an airstream is cute AF.

I had big plans to photograph the process of making an entire meal, but I was inspired by the afternoon light to shoot the space as it lay. This way lets you visualize cooking what we’re workin’ with.

But before we get started, here are three simple tips that are essential to cooking when space is limited:

3 Tips for Cooking in a Small Space

  1. One-pot meals are clutch. Two pots are ok but, ya know, dishes.
  2. Clean as you go. This works for all kitchens. My mom taught me this trick years ago and it’s so nice to clean while you’re already active in the kitchen so post-meal you can digest rather than srub dishes.
  3. Shop for what you need, when you need it. With limited cabinet and refrigeration space, there’s no need to stock up at Costco. Farmers markets are wonderful. Not only for the incredible produce grown by your neighbors, but you’ll time shopping around the weekly markets. Fill in with other essentials at health food or conventional grocery store (flour, maple syrup, and cooking oils come to mind). It reminds me of living in Germany. Locals would ride their bikes to the butcher, baker, (candlestick maker), for daily or every-few-day shopping for meals. Congrats. You’re about to go European.

Now, it’s time for a tour.

Airstream Kitchen Tour

Covers on the sink mean more workspace.
Where the magic happens: a small stove, oven, and double sink.
Simple 4 burner stovetop and oven. All propane.
Chris hand grinds coffee every morning with this little guy.


Pour-over coffee reigns supreme. We have reusable coffee filters to minimize waste. (We try.)
This is where we keep our plates and other eating wear. The cutlery is in the drawer cabinet up top.
Notice the terribly large box on the lower shelf that I believe holds the guts to the heater or electrical. Also known as, reasons we don’t have much storage.
One kitchen “cabinet.” Wait till you see the other.
These “cabinets” super inefficient due to the slope of the airstream roof and the random structures inside to hide permanent fixtures. To me, it’s a small price to pay to live in a cool space.
It ain’t pretty, but here’s our fridge. We didn’t have refrigeration on the boat for 3 years, so we’re ballin’ here.
Beautiful woven Oaxacan rug we bought while sailboat cruising in Mexico. In small spaces, you have to think hard about new purchases and I’m so glad we snagged this one!
View of our extra kitchen space, opposite the sink. We use this for food prep and in the morning, it’s my vanity.

Want more inspiration for Tiny Living?

The following cookbook, The Tiny Mess: Recipes and Stories from Small Kitchens, was written by fellow Santa Barbara Bohemians Maddie Gordon, Mary Gonzalez, and Trevor Gordon. Click to read an excerpt of the book. It’s heartfelt and real and I’d post it for you here, but I’d get sued from the publisher. The Tiny Mess is a glimpse into the intriguingly beautiful world of living small!


What do you think? Could you cook in a small space? Please let us know in the comments below!

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