How-To Downsize to Live in an Airstream

Airstreams are small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live in one full time. For the next month, I’m answering questions from Instagram DMs (thank you for sending!) that I hope will encourage you to take the leap to either try trailer life for yourself or downsize your home to feel some relief.

What is the process of minimization?

Great question! I have to say, minimizing wasn’t terribly hard for me because I was ready to downsize.

BUT!!! If downsizing is not your strong point, IT’S OK! You’ll be successful if you are ready for the change.

And if you’re not sure where to start, READ THIS BOOK. It will help compartmentalize the overwhelming task of downsizing to small bits you can chew. You can do it – I believe in you!

Here’s a glimpse at her methods:


Personally, downsizing meant a chance to organize, which I love dearly because it gives me a sense of calm to do a task that I’ll see a positive result in the near future. I guess that could mean I’m a control freak, and the power over where things need to go gives me peace. I’m owning it. I’ll embrace it. 😅

(Though, maybe it can be a problem sometimes. For example, when I find myself organizing candy at a grocery store register or when I flip a toilet paper roll in a friend’s bathroom so the paper hangs from the top…🤔)

How do you cull a wardrobe down to fit?

I love this question! It goes back to the KonMari Method of donating items that don’t bring you joy.

As an ex-fashion designer who relies on a personal style to feel sane, I thought it would be a challenge. But honestly, having less clothes forces you to be more creative. Outfit ideas I wouldn’t have thought twice about suddenly come together to fit my mood.

With that said, my jewelry collection has grown because it’s an easy change that is easily stowed away.

And the best part about downsizing? You’ll have all your favorite pieces on hand to feel better and more confident in them! #werk

Keep the essentials. Like a vintage ostrich feature velvet jacket and Patagonia puffy.😋
The top storage in my closet. Opened bottle of lavender oil for that extra touch.
The white cabinet to the left holds is our “medicine cabinet” that mainly hold my toiletries and cleaning supplies.

I find cloth storage bags are very helpful in small spaces. We used them on the boat as “dresser drawers” and I like that they could squish into imperfect spaces on the boat. Same, the with airstream. I now use them for t-shirts, undergarments, and outdoor clothes.

Other alternatives can be found on this helpful article on!

There are quirky cabinets in the kitchen (which you’ll notice in a future post about cooking in an airstream) and pull-out storage under the beds we don’t use, but here are some other spot worth noting:

We use this space under the extra kitchen counter for storage. The faded Mexican flag was flown on our sailboat, S/V Astrologer, when we cruised below the border for two years.
These trash cans are lifesavers – compact with lids! I’ve linked the photo for you. They’re a Container Store find.

Anything I forgot or that you’d like to know or see? Please let me know in the comments below!

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