Best Quality Salmon You Can Get At ALDI

Best Quality Salmon You Can Get At ALDI & What to Avoid

Salmon is one of the most versatile proteins out there, and thankfully we can find it at great prices at discount supermarket chain stores such as ALDI. The company offers a good variety of salmon, but the quality varies depending on the farm or fishery. Below are quick tips on what to look out for.

Please note that products may vary due to season and store location. These images were taken in August 2022 in Wilmington, North Carolina.


  • Does ALDI have good salmon?
  • ALDI Canned Salmon
  • What kind of salmon is sold at ALDI?
  • Is the salmon at ALDI wild-caught?
  • Where does Aldi’s salmon come from?
  • ALDI Fresh Salmon Reviews
  • Is ALDI fresh salmon wild-caught

Let’s dive in!

Packaged Atlantic farmed salmon at Aldi grocery store
The fresh salmon selection at ALDI is farmed-raised.


Does ALDI have good salmon?

Depends who you ask. As a commercial fisherman’s wife, I promote wild-caught because I love the taste, it’s our lifestyle, and I think of all the hard working fishermen and families behind each catch. With that said, farm-raised salmon has a similar nutritional profile to wild-caught, but some salmon farms do not use the best farming practices (based on U.S. and international standards). The same can be said for some wild-caught fisheries around the world as well. You just have to know what to look for. (Keep reading!)

For example, ALDI offers Wild-Caught Alaska Pink Salmon in the canned section, while the farmed salmon in the fresh and frozen sections are from Chile and Norwegian. Recently, there have been reports of toxic additives in farmed salmon from Chile, yet the U.S. wild-caught salmon fishery is considered well-maintained. The takeaway? Not all farms and fisheries are created equal.

Whether you prefer wild-caught or farmed salmon, information is available to learn if ALDI seafood is sustainably sourced and if the farm or fishery maintains healthy practices. (Sustainability means environmental impact, fair and just work environments, and workers’ quality of life.)

Click here visit the Oceans Disclosure Project to learn more about the farms and fisheries ALDI uses and which seafood to avoid. They are rated as “Well Managed,” “Managed,” “Needs Improvement,” or “Sustainability Not Rated.”

ALDI Canned Salmon

At the time of writing, canned Alaska Wild-Caught Pink Salmon is $2.99 per can. 

What kind of salmon is sold at Aldi?

  • Wild-Caught Alaska Pink Salmon Canned in the U.S.A.
  • Farmed “Atlantic” Salmon from Chile.*
  • Farmed “Atlantic” Cedar Plank Salmon from Chile.
  • Farmed “Atlantic” Salmon from Chile with Mediterranean Herb.
  • Farmed “Norwegian” Cold Smoked Salmon.

*”Atlantic Salmon” and “Norwegian Salmon” are other names for farmed fish.

Is the salmon at Aldi wild-caught?

The only Wild-Caught salmon I’ve found is the Wild-Caught Pink Salmon in the canned section. It makes for an easy salmon salad for salmon cakes!

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Where does Aldi’s salmon come from?

Besides the canned Wild-Caught Pink Salmon from Alaska, the salmon options available at ALDI are farm-raised from Chile or Norway. I’ve also read that they’ve previously sourced Russian wild-caught salmon.

Packaged Cold Smoked Atlantic farmed salmon from ALDI
“Atlantic” and “Norwegian” salmon are other names used for farmed-raised salmon.

ALDI Fresh Salmon Reviews

Taste-wise, seafood comes down to preference, and whether you prefer wild-caught or farmed salmon. But as we mentioned before, not all farms and fisheries are created equal. Here is one review on why ALDI is dealing with a class-action lawsuit for its Atlantic farmed salmon. For a rated list of farms and fisheries, please reference the category above “Does ALDI have good salmon?”

Is ALDI fresh salmon wild-caught?

The fresh salmon at ALDI is not wild-caught. It is farm-raised in Chile, Russia, or Norway.

What kind of salmon have you tried from ALDI, and how was it? We’d love to know; please share in the comments below!

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