How-To Send a Care Package to Your Fisherman

How-To Send a Care Package to Your Fisherman

The summer fishing season is here, and recently I’ve gotten lots of inquiries on how to send packages to fishermen in remotes parts of the country. Thank you for contacting me with your questions! It’s my pleasure to break it down for you.

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Though my only experience is sending packages to Bristol Bay, Alaska, during the summer months, I think the following will work for other areas, too. Let’s do this.

Step 1: Find the Address of the Processor They Fish For.

photo by Alaska General Seafoods

From what I understand, the processor sends a tender (a boat that transports supplies) that will deliver packages to fishing vessels each week.

(Note to self: Each fishing vessel links up with a processor to sell their catch. Once sold, the processors “sort fish, tend and operate head and gut machines, inspect the products, load and unload freezers, weigh, package and label the product.” Basically, a processor turns the raw fish into a “processed” or marketable product.)

If your partner fishes in Bristol Bay, click the image below to find the address that’s right for you. (Thanks to!) Otherwise, a Google search will get you to the right one:

Step 2: Use USPS Flat Rate Boxes


“Priority Mail Flat Rate” boxes are the easiest and cheapest way to send your goods – the maximum weight is 70lbs, so fill ’em up!

Though COVID-19 could mean packages will be delayed more than usual, from my experience, it takes about 7 – 10 days for a package to get to the boat (and I usually mail from the Carolinas to Alaska!).

I’ve never had a problem with USPS (knock on wood), and I’ve also heard that USPS is the only one who will deliver certain remote places in the US. Thank you, mail carriers! Here’s a link to pricing.

Step 3: Address your Package Carefully


Along with the processor’s information, make sure to add:

C/o (Fishing Vessel or “F/V” Boat Name), (Partner’s name).

For an example, see the photo above.

Step 4: Pack the Snacks

Care package by Elise Leben

Not sure what to include? I wrote this blog post about gift options for commercial fishermen, and below are even more ideas from members of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Facebook Group!:

“Latest copy of National Fisherman or Pacific Fishing Magazine, something home-baked, travel pack of wet wipes, beef jerky, new pair of socks, playing cards, instant coffee packets, condensed milk can, nail clippers…” – Kinsey Katherine

“Kava or CBD for sleeping, good chocolate (to ward off dementors!), photos, National Geographic’s (earmarked, after I read them), long letters (storytime!), fresh socks towards the end of the season, lavender for his pillow, lots of sauces (hot sauce, garlic chili sauce, anything to spice up the fish they’re eating on the reg), and whatever else tickles my fancy but these are staples. – Maressa Garner

“Just sent my first package ever 🙌 the only thing I don’t think anyone else already mentioned was a book 🙂 He likes to read.” – Brigid Daly

“Homemade cookies.” – LizAnn Skonberg*

*Every fisherman I’ve asked says homemade goods are always welcome, even if they are two weeks late and little stale!

Step 4: Send Your Box then Pat Yourself on the Back.


Sending a care package to your partner is a great way to feel connected when you’re so far away. Make sure to give yourself a high-five for this lifestyle – being with a commercial fisherman ain’t for the faint of heart!

And if you’re missing your man, make sure to join our private Facebook group. We understand what it’s like and will help you through it!🐟

What do you send to your fisherman? What ideas can you share? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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  1. Also, if he’s on a boat that comes into harbor at least once a week, and it’s a small area like Cordova/Naknek/Kodiak etc and you don’t want to send it to the cannery etc you can send the package to GENERAL DELIVERY with his name directly to the post office address for in-person pick up. You don’t need a PO Box.

    • Sam! Thank you so much for this tip. I’ve never thought of sending to General Delivery before. Great idea. Much appreciated and I know others will think so, too! Thank you!