Miss Your Fisherman? Here’s 5 Ways To Wear Their Face.

My friends laugh, but the shirt I ordered for my bachelorette party last year is one of my favorites, yet it wasn’t until Chris left for Bristol Bay, AK, this summer did its power truly unleashed. As I mentioned in Chapter 3 of Diary of a POCF, his absence this year really took a toll. Though I traveled and stayed with friends for the Fourth, I was a bit depressed for a few days but couldn’t figure out why. Then, I opened my suitcase and saw Chris’ face smiling back at me. I lifted the shirt to my lips, gave him a big kiss, and slipped it over my head. I missed my fisherman. It was that simple. And the cure to my sadness was wearing his face. 😆

Btw, Chris is completely mortified by this t-shirt, but I can’t help it. He’s so damn cute, and I miss him so much, and he’s in Alaska and won’t see it. Plus, I write about our personal relationship all the time, what’s the trouble in blasting his face? (I’m sorry, but writing “face” over again is killing me! 😂.)

Now, let’s get you one. I’ve added 5 of the coolest photo t-shirt companies I could find on Etsy. It’s super easy to do: upload the photo, pick out your color options, and wait for the face. The business that printed my shirt has since closed (bummer!), but most of the ones below have even sweeter designs, and I already have my eye on a couple of them. I think I’ll expand my collection and add my nephew’s face, too. 🥰

Side note, here’s a link to “the ultimate gift for POCFs” from a December post. A modified version of what you see here, but a t-shirt you can take to the streets!

Would you get your fisherman’s face on a t-shirt? Would it embarrass them like Chris? I would love to know; please share in the comments below!  

Sketch Photo
I freakin' love this one! Taking a simple photo to the next level. Definitely in my top three.
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Classic Print
This is the closest to what I ordered, except I switched to a v-neck at the last minute. I mean, I love mine. Straight forward and to the point - I miss your face!
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Vintage Twist
Ok, but like, they have to do people, too? Right? If you have pets, this could be a fun gift for your fisherman to wear for the next season. How could this not brighten your day?
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No Shame
Go balls out and just paste their cute face all over the dang place. I like that there are options to choose from. Do you want an orderly-spaced face or do you want to cover every square inch. (A visual difference of a POCFs emotions at the beginning of a season and the end. 🤣)
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Best Catch
I mean, can you even?! I know several people I would make this for. How cool would it be to add your fisherman's boat name on the bottom of it? NEXT LEVEL!
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  1. What a great idea,I would love all of these!!! 😁 Would my fisherman husband? I’m not sure,but I need to get them 😊

    • Haha! I hear you! But totally get them bc they’re so much fun to wear out. You’ve inspired me, I might to wear mine when I pick Chris up from the airport today.🤪 The ones that look like drawings are so cool, too! Please keep me posted if you end up making a shirt – would love to see how it turned out!