Hot Men of Commercial Fishing

(Note: This is a guest post written by photographer and partner of a commercial fisherman, Bri Dwyer. Learn more about Bri at the end of the post!)

Commercial Fishing: Sexiest Men at Sea by Bri Dwyer

Heart eye emojis and, “I’m here for the hotties!” have sprinkled my Instagram feed and messages since I started photographing in Bristol Bay, Alaska four years ago.

So, when Megan asked me to guest write for her blog, I figured we could all use a little less coronavirus and little more eye candy.

The truth is, I’m escaping from having to wrap my brain around current events.

These times of uncertainty have me motivated to change the world one minute and the next, I’m at the bottom of a popcorn bag, four Harry Potter movies deep by the middle of the day.

The rapid pace of the ups and downs is exhausting, and all I want to do is order an extra dirty Titos martini at my favorite restaurant to cope with it. There is no preparation for the isolation we are experiencing and there certainly isn’t any kind of guidebook to help us navigate it.

On that note, I went to work and found some of my favorite fishy heartthrobs over the years and put them here as a little cyber present tied with a big red virtual bow. 🎁

I hope these images offer up a little distraction to brighten your day. Putting them together sure brightened mine.

XOX, Bri

Commercial Fishing: Sexiest Men at Sea by Bri Dwyer

This was a fan favorite from the summer of 2018. Before this photo, I had never asked a fisherman to look directly at my camera. My goal was to be as out of the way as possible and to not disrupt their work. I realized I was missing an important piece of storytelling by not capturing these intimate portraits in the workplace. So, now I ask all of my subjects to take a few seconds to look straight into the lens. 

This is Megan’s beau. I met Chris in the summer of 2018 while spending a few weeks on the F/V Brenna A in Bristol Bay. These were taken during my recent trip to visit Chris in Santa Barbara, California, and meet Megan for the first time after penpal-ing for about 6 months. You could say Chris brought Megan and me together, but I believe we would have found each other no matter what.

You might recognize these two from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. (Top/Left: Deckhand Landon Cheney. Bottom/Right: Deck Boss Nick McGlashan.) Both continue to work for Capt. Wild Bill on the F/V Summer Bay. This was taken in Dutch Harbor, Alaska during King Crab season in 2019.

“Oh Micki you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind.” Okay, that’s probably a little cheesy but a guy who looks like that with the name Micki is just asking for it.

This is Dave. The skipper of the F/V Lady Rose and easy on the eyes. He also happens to be the nicest guy in the whole world. Dave and his lovely partner in crime Serena just welcomed a baby boy this past year. 

This guy has a famous face: You might now him as Zack Larson, son of Wild Bill. You can now call him El Capitan of the F/V Elinore. J. Zack has been working alongside my husband since 2017. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. 

Engineer on the F/V Brenna A and as single as they come. Find him on IG at @roland_jones.

Rosario Aiello on the F/V Richie A. That smile is a heart stopper.

My handsome husband and Captain of the F/V Brenna A, Sean Dwyer. He is a big part of the reason I picked up a camera again. Without his encouragement, we wouldn’t have all this eye candy to appreciate. Okay, maybe that wasn’t his intention, but he knows I only have heart eye emojis for him. 😍

Even my mother-in-law couldn’t resist this salt n’ pepper hunk. Billy works on the F/V JJ in Bristol Bay, slingin’ salmon and making it look easy.

We all love a man in uniform even if it’s ugly ass orange. It might not be the new black, but it certainly doesn’t make them look half bad. 

If Johnny Depp wore Grundens, I’d imagine he’d look a lot like this. I don’t know who he is or what boat he’s on but from all of us, we thank you for fishing shirtless. 🐟

Bri Dwyer Megan Waldrep

Bri Dwyer is a professional photographer married to Caption Sean Dwyer of the F/V Brenna A, once featured on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. She’s photographed for heavyweight companies such as Trident Seafoods, Grundens, and Xtratuf and her work has been featured in National Fisherman and Fishermen’s News. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, wine & cheese, “lazy days with our pup,” and sport fishing in Puget Sound. Follow Bri on Instagram at @bri.dwyer or dive in at

Who are your favorite heartthrobs? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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  1. I always loved Capt Jeff Weeks from season 1!!!! 🥰🥰 That hair, smile, voice = mmmm mmmmm!!

    • I hear you, girl – so many fishermen, so little time.😜 Thankful for Bri to have made this tasty treat for us to indulge! Thanks for being here!

  2. 😂 we’ve been asking for this for years. Thanks ladies. Sharing this if its ok

    • Hey Kimi,
      Heck yes, please share away! Bri gave us lots of eye candy to pass along to friends 🙂 And stay tuned, there’s possibly a Round 2 in the works. Thanks for being here and glad you’re enjoying this fun piece 😄

  3. They’re all gorgeous! I have always had a thing for fishermen 🥰
    Thank you for making my day! Sweet eye candy

    • Heck yeah! So glad you are loving this post. Bri nailed it with this one. Thank you for reading and your comment! Hope all is well! 🙂

  4. Dang! Remember when we talked about that dating site to meet commercial fisherman? Well, hook me up, girl!

    • Girl, I thought of you when Bri mentioned she was doing this piece! I don’t know most of them, only my fiancé and Dave, but Nick Jones is single and a link to his Instagram (@rowland_jones) is above – Hit him up! xo

  5. Billy Boy’s my favorite…that “Salt & Pepper Hunk” just so happens to be my girlfriend Sandy’s hubby! Super family!

    • Aww! He looks like such a great guy. We give mad props to Sandy and the family! Thanks for the update, Beth! Hope you are well 🙂