I Tried the Energy Protection Trick & It Worked! Here’s How It Relates to Commercial Fishing

Whoa. This was a confrontation that I did NOT see coming. One moment, you’re in line getting your favorite local sourdough, and the next, a woman is berating you for just existing.

I’ve always felt strange in moments like this. Who doesn’t, really? You know the feeling: not knowing what to say or do at the moment and then thinking about what I should have said or done for days afterward.

What a cycle.

But after learning a few tricks from Breathwork Specialist and Reiki Master Brenda Winkle, I thought I’d give it a shot. 

For some reason, I felt that day was a good day to protect my energy, and ten minutes later, I was glad I did. 

What are the chances of having a confrontation after trying this trick for the first time? Maybe it happened to show me how well it worked. I hope it works for you, too!

In this episode, I share a personal story about how I used energy and breathwork tips, how they instantly worked, and how it relates to our lifestyle in commercial fishing. 

Show Notes:

Learn breathwork and energy healing on last week’s podcast w Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Somatic Coach Brenda Winkle: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/partners-of-commercial-fishermen/id1689251577?i=1000641932815


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