POCF Kat Jones Runs a Family & Seafood Co. Too.

Another gem discovered through Instagram is Kat Jones. She’s a fisherman’s wife and runs Ventura Fresh Fish, a seafood market located in Ventura, California, that overnight ships to Nevada, Arizona, and across California. Oh, and they sell every Saturday at the Ventura Fisherman’s Market, too! On top of that, she’s a mom of three. So, multi-tasking as a businesswoman/wife/mother for this POCF is just another day.

On a side note, I’ve helped Chris sling some lobsters to a few friends and the logistics behind it is, well, a bitch. There’s coordinating how many lobsters to sell, who to sell to, for how much, and where they’ll be delivered. So, I want to give a *big* shout out to Kat’s family-run biz who seems to do it seamlessly. Here’s how Ventura Fresh Fish works when you get on their list:

  1. Sign up for their text list by texting the word “ADD” to 805-273-4488.
  2. Kat’s hubby and crew go out and fish.
  3. They notify you of the catch via text.
  4. You text back with your order and schedule a pick-up or delivery.
  5. You eat fresh seafood while supporting American fishermen. Simple as that!

The cool thing is, it’s a catch-to-order situation. Meaning, they only catch what their customers want, then deliver it from the dock to your doorstep. “No waste, no over-fishing, keeping it local, keeping it domestic, and keeping it organically fresh- that’s what we do!” Yas, girl! Ok, time to get cozy and hear what this matriarch has to say.

Meet Kat Jones:


POCF Kat Jones Runs a Family & Seafood Co. Too.

What is your fisherman’s name, what does he fish, and where?

My husband, Evan Jones, and I are a husband and wife fishing team. While my husband gets to spend more time on the water than I do, we still consider ourselves a fishing partnership.

When our young ones are a little older, I will be able to transition back on the deck more often. We harvest CA spiny lobster, rockfish, black cod, CA king salmon. We’ve harvested CA market squid and various other species… 


How long have you been together?

We have been married for 11 years and have commercially fished together for six-plus years

Have you had experience with the fishing industry before you got together? If so, in what way?

Evan grew up recreational fishing in Canada, I grew up recreational fishing in the US, and both of us come from generations of watermen.  When we got married, we decided that we would live in the United States, as it offered more opportunities for our love of being on the water.


It’s so nice to connect with another PCF! Please tell us you experience with women in the industry and other fishermen’s wives. What stories can you share?

Being the wife of a fisherman is daunting, to say the least. I am fortunate because I am also a fisherman and understand the hardships and the ebb and flow of catching fish. The financial elements of being a Commercial Fisherman, the marriage stressors, and raising young children is unlike any other industry. We never know if we’re going to make a paycheck, every month, every fishing trip, and every effort to harvest is a faith effort. My heart goes out to the women behind the fishermen; we are all too many times forgotten. Have faith in something bigger. 


What advice can you give new POCFs?

It’s ok, to not be ok with…every relationship is different. Each person has different needs.

  • I personally need independence and freedom from being with the kids day-to-day. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but I find great joy in harvesting, working, and interacting with adults. Moms need to thrive in what they love, too.
  • Marriage counseling IS GOOD! If you want your partnership to be mutually enjoyable, get help – trading in your partner for someone else won’t “fix the problem.”
  • The financial strains that parallel our industry are real. Learn how to save, save, and save more. Learn how to budge and strive for a debt-free lifestyle. That way, when El Niño shows up, or COVID strikes, or the Trade-war rises (hello 2015-2020), you’re not drowning, divorcing, and taking meds to stay sane. 

How can others support our domestic seafood market?

Buy from your neighborhood fishermen. Period. 

Kat Jones of Ventura Fresh Seafood
Instagram: @VenturaFreshFish 
Facebook: Ventura Harbor Dockside Market

What is your takeaway from Kat’s advice? Anything you can relate to or find helpful? Please share your thoughts in the comment below!

Learn how to cut open a lobster tail *like a boss* here!

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  1. She is beautiful! inside and out! 🙂
    I would love to hear how she manages selling off the dock.
    We have had tuna we found difficult to move. Not often, but that should never happen.
    We have never wasted any, but man, I’d hate to!
    So, this texting sounds good, but how in the world does she keep them organized! I need to know!
    We do texting now, and it’s so difficult!
    Thanks for the great story! Love “meeting” all these people thru your site!
    Way to go, Meagan and Kat!


    • Hey, Jennie! Thanks for reading and great question! I’ll be sure to ask Kat and others the methods they use to keep everything organized. Logistics are legit not easy, especially when dealing with perishable goods! So glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks again for your feedback! 🙂

    • Hi Jen, when we first got started yes it was kind of (emphasis on KINDOF) manageable. Now, there would be no possible way I could keep track of orders over text message. My poor next door neighbors, ask me for stuff and I even forget them – Now, I use an online order system, a web store basically – anytime a customer wants something I send them the link – all the money is processed there too. If someone tells me they ordered, all I have to do is look it up. If they no-show for pickup – it goes in the freezer for them to pickup on our next day open – Square, Shopify, etc.. are all easy platforms to us for order management. Hope this helps! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. “Another gem discovered through Instagram is Kat Jones.”

    Calling Kat and Evan a gem…that’s an understatement!! The service they provide to the community here in Ventura is second to none.

    • Hey, KB!

      Thank you for your comment and thanks for reading! It’s so nice to hear from Kat’s community. What’s your favorite seafood from Ventura Fresh Fish?

      • Wow! What a complement, so graceful for our community of local seafood eaters. Hummmm KB, I’m going to think hard on those initials… ohhh I might know who you are. One of my favorite foodies we see almost every week 🙂