“My friends don’t get it”

Jumping into a conversation topic that you’ll find in our Private POCF Forum! I love that our community has a place to turn when seasons begin, end, or feel a little “eh.” We are here for y’all and can’t wait to connect.

We get it.

We’ve been there and still go through it in varying degrees in our own lives. 

Our family and friends may not understand, but we are always here for you!


My friends just don’t quite get it.

They just say, “I don’t know why you do it.” I’m like, because I love him; what more reason do you need?!

So, I was turning to those who DO get it (in the POCF forum).

This isn’t about WHY I do it… it’s about HOW I do it.

He’ll be gone for FIVE months this time, and I’m just getting that initial “sad.” We actually were able to pick a wedding venue while he was home and have a date set (04/21/24), but now I’ll be planning almost everything while he’s away. At least I’ll be occupied, right?!!! Lol


Hey, POCF Sister! 

I completely understand. There are many benefits to the lifestyle that balance the long periods of separation, but it’s definitely hard for others to understand our life!

Honestly, your blog post sums it up the best (Confessions of a Fisherman’s almost wife.) No matter how long we’ve been in the game, there will periods of sadness, and it’s important we honor those feelings so we can move forward.

Sometimes, I would get frustrated at myself for feeling this way after years together, but I remembered I AM HUMAN, and it’s okay to have mixed feelings. It’s moments like that that make us feel alive.

Soon, you’ll be on your routine and having a great summer doing what YOU want to do. Just takes a little time, as you know.

Also, congratulations on your marriage! Wedding planning will definitely keep you busy and dreaming of memorable times ahead. So fun! Speaking of, below are links to two blogs from when Chris and I got married (on April 21st, no less! Good vibes that day :)).

The first one is advice from our wedding planner, and the second has a free downloadable wedding checklist. Not that you need to do it all by the book, but it will give you an idea of what to think about (or omit). I started planning about this time before our wedding, and I’m SO GLAD I did. It made the months leading us less stressful!

Side note, I recommend making a Google Sheets document to keep all your info/pricing/deadlines and even a separate one for the guest list to save a headache. Hope this is helpful!



So, what will be your first seasonally-bachelorette fun thing you’ll do for yourself this summer? 🙂

Sending Love & POCFpride! Also, you can reach out anytime – we are your POCF people, and you never need to feel bad about sharing your feelings here. 🙂

Sincerely, Megan

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