Day-to-Day Life in an Airstream

I hate to sound anticlimactic, but day-to-day life in an airstream is pretty much the same as living in a house. Just with less space.

The difference for me is the constant tickle of inspiration that buzzes your insides while looking around the room; like you’re in the secret clubhouse you always wanted as a kid and finally get a chance to play in.


I compare traveling with an airstream as an upgraded version of how we travel in our Sprinter Van. We have a sleeping platform in our van, as well as space to use a small gas stove, which means we can make a home anywhere we park. 

(If you love road tripping in your car, just imagine if you could park and make hot tea or take a nap. UPGRADE!)

That was my favorite part about living in a sailboat. No matter where we traveled, from Washington state to Baja and down the coast of mainland Mexico, we were always home❤️ Bonus for boat life: you can lay down for a nap or make food while traveling. You can’t really do that in a van or trailer.

Still, traveling rules no matter how you do it. Adventures lie ahead in many forms!

Normal Airstream Life

To illustrate, here are a few images to give you an idea of how we live in a vintage airstream on the daily:

Here’s our 1960 or 70 something airstream in Carpinteria, CA. Come on in!
A folding counter on the opposite side of the sink is an extra workspace and the ledge above is used for curiosities and cute pics of our nephews I still need to frame.
No TV means more time for books! (When we’re not streaming on our phones, let’s be real.)
And…we’re streaming.
Popcorn, chocolate, and Netflix are finer things in life that do not stop when living tiny. But due to the small space, it feels more like a sleepover party.
It’s true 🍍
Most of the time, we leave the screen door latched to take in the fresh air without the bugs.

You down for a simpler life? What do you think you’d miss the most from a traditional home? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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