9 US Wild-Caught Seafood Items at Trader Joe’s!

9 US Wild-Caught Seafood Items at Trader Joe’s!

Great news! We can enjoy wild-caught American seafood just by shopping at Trader Joe’s. That means, even if you live in a beautiful land-locked state, TJ’s famously affordable prices make quality wild-caught items accessible and obtainable. As a bonus, they’re supporting hard-working U.S. commercial fishermen in the process – what’s not to love?

*Quick refresh: Many commercial fishermen fish for seafood processors. The processors buy fish from the fishermen (like sockeye salmon from fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska), then package and distribute to numerous retailers nationwide. Those retailers then slap on a private label to make it look pretty to bring to market, and TJ’s happens to be one.

Below are the American wild-caught seafood items I found on my last Trader’s hunt. I’m now wondering if there are a few in the pasta or pre-made meal section that I may have missed…hmm. The following are items that I’ve noticed on the regular. Bon Appetít!

9 U.S. Wild-Caught Seafood Items at Trader Joe’s

1. Battered Fish Nuggets


This feels like a game day munchie. I like the idea of celery, carrots, and dip with fish nugs for appetizers. I bet these would air-fry perfectly! Or you could slice cooked nuggets on flour tortillas, then add shredded cabbage and salsa for simple tacos.

2. Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon at Trader Joe’s


Take a traditional tuna sandwich, but make it salmon! I’m envisioning toasted sourdough with a slice of white cheddar cheese, crunchy lettuce, a thick spread of salmon, tomato, and a few sweet pickled jalapeño slices. How would you do it?


For a behind-the-scenes look at the commercial fishing lifestyle, check out the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Podcast on AppleSpotify, and more!



3. Wild-Caught Alaska Cod Filets at Trader Joe’s


I don’t have a grill, but I bet these would kick ass on one. This may be a rotating item – I think I’ve also seen wild-caught salmon filets before. I made a super easy and quick tomato fish soup recipe that cooks the chunked cod in less than 5 minutes!

4. North Atlantic Wild-Caught Sea Scallops at Trader Joe’s


Right now, I’m dreaming of a creamy pasta dish with broccoli rabe and garlic and a hunk of buttery French bread. Speaking of, TJ’s has the bomb organic French bread loaves. Try slices of it with their Cambozola triple-cream blue cheese, and thank me later.

5. Alaska Pollock Fish Sticks 


These are made from Alaska pollock, and I could seriously eat the hell of them right now. As a kid, I loved scooping fish sticks in mashed potatoes and then dipping them into sweet peas for each bite. (Full disclosure: When I hear “fish sticks,” I immediately think of this iconic fish-sticks South Park episode. I can’t help it.)

6. Wild Alaskan Cod Fillets at Trader Joe’s


This feels like a fancy version of fish sticks. And since it’s cod, the meat is a little firmer but still flaky and tender. This feels very “fish and chips” to me. If you want to go all-in for the traditional route, I believe the frozen French fries are just a few steps away.

7. Gluten-Free Battered Wild-Caught Pacific Halibut


Trader Joe’s has a gluten-free option! Try a gluten-free corn tortilla for fish tacos. Or serve alongside roasted potatoes and a simple crisp salad. Pair with a bright Sauvignon blanc, or, for a mocktail version, try sparkling water with a splash of pineapple Kombucha in a wine glass.

8. Canned Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon at Trader Joe’s


Anytime I see sockeye, I wonder, Did my husband catch it? My guess is that this comes from Bristol Bay, which means one of these hot fishermen may have had a hand in it. As an upside, salmon cakes are super easy to make with sockeye. Click here for an easy seafood salad recipe that you can shake in a mason jar. Just substitute the Pacific rockfish for salmon!

9. Canned Wild-Caught Alaskan Pink Salmon at Trader Joe’s


Here’s a big hunk of yummy salmon for you! Trader Joe’s has a great recipe for a salmon quiche that you can eat for breakfast or serve with a salad for a nice brunchy meal. De-lish!

What seafood item will you try from Trader Joe’s, and how will you use it?? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. What do you think about the quality of frozen (and now also defrosted) wild salmon in Trader Joe’s?

    • Hi, Hana! I love the frozen Wild Salmon at Trader Joe’s. My favorite is “skin on,” but it all tastes great to me. Every salmon that leaves AK has been frozen (unless prepared another way), so it’s common to get frozen fish on the markets that have been defrosted. Of course, buying directly from AK fishing families is the freshest option, and there are many you can Google like Sena Seafood and Thunder’s Catch. Hope this helps and happy eating!!

  2. I’m looking for wild caught tilapia. Any at Trader Joe’s? TJs website is not user friendly.

    • Hi, Agnes! Thanks for reading. From what I understand, wild-caught tilapia is hard to find in stores. For that reason, the tilapia you find on the market is farm raised. As long as the farm is known for good farming practices, you’ll be good to go. Hope this is helpful!