9 US Wild-Caught Seafood Items at Trader Joes!

Dude, we can totally support American commercial fishermen by shopping at Trader Joe’s! And I’ve got pictures and a few recipe ideas to prove it. Can I get a hell yeah?! (Hell yeah!)

Admittedly, checking packages for U.S. Wild-Caught seafood has only been on my mind since Chris and I started dating. Even though I’ve mainly lived in coastal towns, where it’s easy to shop at the local seafood markets, I never read the packages in a grocery store. My b! And what if you live in the mountains or a beautiful land-locked state and want to support U.S. commercial fishermen? Girl, I got you! Well, Trader Joes’s has you, but you know what I mean. 🙂

*Quick refresh: Many commercial fishermen fish for seafood processors. The processors buy fish from the fishermen (like sockeye salmon from fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska), then package and distribute to numerous retailers nationwide. Those retailers then slap on a private label to make it look pretty to bring to market, and TJ’s happens to be one that sells you.

Below are what I found on my last Trader’s hunt. There may have been a few I missed (I’m now wondering if there’s a few hanging in the pasta and pre-made meal section?), but these seem to be items you’ll find on the regular. Sweet.

9 U.S. Wild-Caught Seafood Items at Trader Joes To Support Commercial Fishermen

1. Battered Fish Nuggets


This feels like a gameday munchie that I’ve totally overlooked. I like the idea of celery and carrots with a fish nug for appetizers. I bet these would be INSANE in an air fryer! Oooo, then make tacos out of them! What, what what what!

2. Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon


Turn a traditional tuna sando into a salmon one! Heck yeah, on toasted sourdough and maybe throw a slice of white cheddar cheese on there. Maybe a few sweet pickled jalapeños, crunchy lettuce, and tomato. BOOM.

3. Wild-Caught Alaska Cod Filets


I don’t have a grill, but I bet these would kick ass on one. This may be a seasonal rotating item – I think I’ve seen salmon filets in here before – but it’s nice to know that wild-caught filets can be found at Trader’s with their famously affordable prices. What’s not to love?

4. North Atlantic Wild-Caught Sea Scallops


Um, heck yeah. Right now, I’m dreaming of a pasta dish. Maybe a creamy pasta dish with broccoli rabe, garlic, and a hunk of buttery french bread. TJ’s has the BEST organic french bread, btw. Get you some with their triple-cream blue cheese, and thank me later.

5. Alaska Pollock Fish Sticks


As a kid, I loved swirling fish sticks in ketchup or using a one to scoop up mashed potatoes, dip them in sweet peas to get all the flavors in one bite. These are made from Alaska pollock, and I could seriously eat the hell of them right now. (Full disclosure: I cannot look at a box of fish sticks and not think of that iconic South Park episode. I am not a grown-up.)

6. Wild Alaskan Cod Fillets


This feels like a fancy version of fish sticks. And since it’s cod, the meat is a little firmer but still flaky and tender. Fish sticks or breaded cod? You do you!

7. Battered Wild-Caught Pacific Halibut


Gluten-free peeps, rejoice! I have not had these since I love me some Gluten, but how nice of them to include dietary restrictions in the mix. To elevate the meal, serve with a (gluten-free) risotto and a crisp salad. A bright Sav. Blanc or a kombucha/sparkling water mocktail if you don’t drink (like me!).

8. Canned Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon


Anytime I see sockeye, I wonder, Did Chris catch it? My guess is this comes from Bristol Bay, which means one of these hot fishermen may have caught what’s inside the can. (Does that make it more desirable for you, or is it just me?) Salmon cakes are super easy to make with sockeye. (A quick recipe for you here!)

9. Canned Wild-Caught Alaskan Pink Salmon


Here’s a big hunk of yummy salmon for you! And Trader Joe’s has a great recipe for a quiche that you can eat for breakfast or serve with a salad for a nice brunch-y meal. De-lish!

What’s your favorite way to eat these Trader Joe US seafood specialties? Please let us know in the comments below!

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