Top 8 U.S. Wild-Caught Seafood Items At Costco

8 U.S. Wild-Caught Seafood Items At Costco

Box stores aren’t sexy. But an upside to megastores is that you can find quality wild-caught seafood products, even if you’re in a land-locked state. On top of that, the seafood prices are very competitive, so if you’re on a budget or need to bulk up, it’s the way to go.

DID YOU KNOW? Many Alaskan fishermen fish for seafood processors. The processors buy fish directly from the dock, then package and distribute frozen or canned seafood to retailers nationwide. The packages either represent the processor if they’re selling directly or private labels from the retailer (hello, Kirkland brand at Costco). Costco has contracts with several processors, which you’ll see in the images below.

Side Note: *If you’re looking for a job on a commercial boat in Alaska, this post is for you! 6 Ways to Become an Alaskan Fisherman

Today, we’re breaking down what Costco has to offer, specifically:

Does Costco sell wild-caught fish?
Where does Costco get their wild-caught salmon?
What is the difference between Wild-Caught and Farmed?
Is Costco seafood worth it?
How do you bake fish quickly?

Does Costco sell wild-caught fish?

Though not all of the seafood at Costco is Wild-Caught by U.S. fishermen or wild-caught for that matter, they definitely have good options. Trader Joe’s also has seafood options, but I realize not everyone has a TJ’s! Hopefully, where TJ’s is missing, Costco is near. (They seem to be good like that.)

Maybe a trip to Sam’s is next? What wholesale/discount shops are in your neck of the woods? Please share in the comments below and I’ll do some research!

Where does Costco get their wild-caught salmon?

Alaska! Whoo-hoo! Well, not all the salmon at Costco is wild Alaskan, but you can find fillets, pre-packaged meals, canned fish, and even vitamins! Some are directly from processors like Trident, and Copper River Seafoods, which you’ll notice on some packaging below. The last picture of the smoked sockeye salmon shows a Kirkland Signature private label name for Costco’s house brand.

Wild-caught vs. Farmed Seafood

I’m biased, of course. There are many opinions on both sides for nutrition and taste, but I won’t get into it here. For me, it’s the women, men, and families behind each catch – the hardships of being apart from loved ones, the lack of sleep, and the rough seas they endure to harvest fresh seafood for us to enjoy. It’s the people behind wild-caught seafood that makes it extra special. 💙

Is Costco seafood worth it?

It depends on who you’re talking to. Of course, I always encourage you to eat wild-caught American seafood because that’s the world I live and love. But international fishers and partners of commercial fishers also work their butts off to deliver quality seafood to savor and enjoy! (Shout out to our peeps across the pond and beyond!)

If you’d like to connect with commercial fishers, there are many family-run wild-caught delivery programs you can choose from, like Sena Sea Seafoods, a 3rd generation salmon operation in Alaska. In our interview, Sena openly shares great advice about the family business and her experience in a commercial fishing family. Off the top of my head, there’s also Sitka Salmon Shares and, of course, the Salmon Sisters. If you know more, please leave them in the comments below to support our peeps!

How do you bake fish quickly?

One of the best parts about seafood is that’s SO EASY and QUICK to make! So quick, it can be ready in minutes.

To Bake Fish Fillets:

  • Preheat oven to 400°.
  • Place fish fillets in a greased baking dish and sprinkle with salt, pepper (and paprika if you like, though it’s great with just salt and pepper).
  • Drizzle with butter or olive oil.
  • Cover with foil and bake until fish begins to flake easily with a fork, about 15-20 minutes. Bon Appétit!

Bottom line, WILD-CAUGHT frozen fish is quality fish. Unless you’re buying straight from the fisherman, most fish has been frozen at least one time before it gets behind the seafood counter. (Fresh is always the best, but frozen is great, too.)

Below are the US Wild-Caught Seafood items I found at Costco. I made notes in each caption with recipe ideas and links to helpful info. The availability may rotate seasonally, but this shows what you may find. *Pro-tip: If you’re set on a certain wild-caught item, call your local Costco ahead of time to avoid the crowds. Let’s dive in!

U.S. Wild-Caught Seafood Items At Costco: Salmon

wild caught salmon fish at costco

In December 2021, Alaskan wild-caught sockeye salmon cost $28.19 per 2.17lbs at Costco. This is considered a good price besides buying from local fishermen.

wild caught salmon fish oil at costco

Admittedly, I have not tried this. But it’s Copper River Seafoods, another big Alaska processing company Costco offers.

wild caught salmon fish at costco

Trident Seafoods is a big name in the processing game in Alaska. We know fishermen who work with them. I like to think that some of the fishing couples on this blog had a hand in catching it (because possibly, they did)!

wild caught salmon fish at costco

Smoked salmon is an easy crowd-pleaser for appetizers or brunch! Cut into pieces to top scrambled eggs with kale, avocado toast, or a classic bagel with cream cheese and a nice veggie stack. Yum!

wild caught salmon fish oil at costco

Here’s a fun alternative to getting the benefits of wild-caught AK salmon: try it in pill form!

U.S. Wild-Caught Seafood Items At Costco: Pacific Cod

wild caught fish at costco

Flaky white fish may be the most versatile, and cod is my go-to when we’re not eating salmon or lobster. See the recipe for baked fish above for a quick meal. It’s nice to bake the whole fish, then use leftovers for fish tacos or an EASY AF fish salad!

Wild-Caught Pacific Halibut

wild caught fish at costco

I put this last just for the Halibut. (Dad joke. Can’t help it.) Halibut is another white fish with a slightly stronger flavor and dense and firmer texture than Cod, but it will be a savory dish when cooked. Roasted potatoes and some sort of greens or a hearty salad and crunch sourdough bread would pair wonderfully. 🐟

How do you like your wild-caught seafood? Where do you find it where you live? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. We have bought halibut from Costco. They used to sell it with the skin on and it was shaped like a cross section of the fish. Lately, they have been selling it in “filets” that are white in color…I actually thought it was cod at first. This latest halibut is chalky and disgusting. At first, I thought it was me cooking it incorrectly, even thought I had done it the same way as in the past. This has happened the last 3 times we purchased Costco halibut. I just read an article about “chalky halibut” and what it looks like (white instead of translucent). I am so angry and yet cannot find any complaints about this online. Bottome line…don’t buy halibut from the “fresh” case at Costco.

    • Hi, Michelle! I’m sorry that happened to you – what a disappointment! Do you happen to know if it was U.S. Wild-Caught Halibut? The origin of the fish can make a huge difference. Thanks for your comment, and please keep me posted!