Gift Guide for Commercial Fishing Couples and Families

Each item in this gift guide is something Chris or I own, wear the hell out of, or are gifting this year, and I hope some of these items bring you joy and make celebrations extra memorable.

*If your fisherman is away for the holidays, here is a helpful blog on How to Handle the Holidays Alone. There are others in our private community who can relate and connect with you in spirit, so please remember that you are truly not alone. We are here for you! 

If you’re looking for a more traditional gift guide, I’ve posted links to past guides below. I’m also updating our *POCF Boutique,* with helpful items that have been recommended by our community. You can visit the boutique any time of the year by visiting the home page and scrolling until you see the goods. Or you can click on the screenshot below to take you there!

Gift Guides for Commercial Fishermen:

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Gifts for fishermen and Partners of Commercial Fishermen

If you have any questions or would like to add something to the list, please let me know, and I’ll make it happen. I hope you and your loved ones have a special holiday season. As always, thanks for reading!

Gift Guide for Fishing Couples and Families

Working Boats

Working Boats Kids Book with drawings of the inside of commercial fishing boats

I bought copies of Working Boats by Tom Crestodina at the Expo for our nephews, and I think I need to buy one for Chris, too – wonderment spans all age groups! It’s a meditation of sorts as you look upon layers of vessels on which your loved one works. Crabbers, gill-netters, purse seiners, you name it, I can’t wait to dive in and show the boys what Uncle Chris does for a living. The most challenging part of this gift is not keeping one for yourself.  

Hug a Hero

hug a hero doll that you can make from an image of your loved one

I recently read about Hug a Hero on a military spouse blog, and what a great idea for commercial fishing kids! Do you have any full shots of your fisherman? If not, snap one when they get back so you can have one ready for next season. I think POCFs and kids alike would appreciate this sweet reminder of love. As an alternative, here’s a link to PJs to print your fisherman’s face for snuggling, too! 🙂

Spirit Things 

Spirit Things book about commercial fishing life in Alaska

As a woman who has chosen not to have kids, I often wonder about the mother’s perspective. Yet author Lara Messersmith-Glavin’s viewpoint of a commercial fishing kid illuminates an experience I didn’t know I needed. Here’s Lara:

There are sides of fishing that are beautiful, poignant, poetic–there are aspects that teach us about who we are or how to be. Spirit Things examines this: what can we learn from the objects on a fishing boat? How do these things connect us to the natural and human worlds beyond the work?

At the time of posting, you can buy the book from the publisher and get 50% off with promo code UPCHOLIDAYS22. For signed copies of Spirit Things, click this link to Annie Bloom’s Books, and you can even add a note to your personalization request. 

Anything from Mothersun and the Captain 

Megan Waldrep at wedding reception at Bowens Island, SC in Mothersun and the Captain hat
Photo by Kim Graham

POCF with a purpose, Lindsey Mickelson Hoadley of Mothersun and the Captain is a mom of two mermaids and wife of a spiny lobster/urchin diver commercial fisherman who creates empowering wearable art. I own the black Hawk Omen Trucker hat (worn at my wedding reception, seen here), and I gifted my sister two nursing tanks, which she loves and will continue to wear long after. The “Emerge” design with bold, swimming fish was extra special to gift because her newest, Archie, is a Pisces. <3

Anything from Rugged Seas

Chris Dabney spiny lobster fisherman california Channel islands in Rugged Sea shirtOwned by a POCF and commercial fisherman, I love this brand because they literally give you the gear off their backs. Made with recycled foul weather gear donated by Maine fishermen, Rugged Seas gives 1% of proceeds back to the community it represents. Chris owns the long sleeve (seen here), and I am *coveting* the roll-top backpack, which I would describe as a POCF bag with the one textile that can bring you closer to your loved one.

Click here if you have worn-out bibs you’d like to donate, recycle, and give back to the cause


Xtratuf leather lace up deck boot in brown with vanilla trimXTRATUF’s main priority is “function,” not “fashion,” and thankfully, since our fishermen’s lives depend on it. But it’s hard to tell when they come out with styles like this. I can’t wait for more, and I’m not the only one – Fashion icon Leandra Medine Cohen, formerly of Man Repeller, featured the classic legacy boot I write a love letter about here in a subscriber newsletter. But these 6″ rise leather lace ankle deck boots are on my lust list.



Grundens Captains Hat

Grundens captain heritage hat with rope in black

I saw several people walking away with these at the Pacific Marine Expo this year. As you can imagine, the Grundens Captains Hat sells out quickly, but I’m happy to see that, alongside classic navy, they’ve added a smooth, straight black. LADY FISHERMEN: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In 2023, Grundens will have bibs with butt flaps, so you don’t have to strip on deck to pee! Hallelujah! 

Fast-Track to Self-Acceptance (Here me out):

a kit that allows you to clone your intimate body parts, like your vulvaI saved the best for last. I advocate for Clone-A-Pussy because this product transforms us in a profound way. I’ve said this before, but how can partners of commercial fishermen (and women!) harness the inner strength needed if we deny what our most powerful part looks like? A jump-start on a journey to self-love, I’ve discovered, it is to CLONE THAT THANG, GIRL! Joy in your life, partnership, and family starts with you, and self-acceptance is the first step. Put on your favorite tunes, get comfy, and get embodied in a way you never thought possible. Bonus: your sex life improves from your inner confidence, too. (I’m serious, and others have reported the same!). Code POCF for 20% off!

What gifts do you like, or what would you add to the list? Please share in the comments below!

*For more gift ideas, please check out the links listed at the top of the blog. Thank you for being here! ⚓️

Feature image by Roberto Nickson

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